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The Osceola Senior Softball League was founded about 20 years ago in St. Cloud Florida. Our most-respected, highly-admired founder Leo Viti is no longer as active with the organization as he would like to be but still drops by occasionally to say hi and cheer us on. Since its founding the league has been devoted to providing an outlet for active seniors to stay in shape both physically and mentally while playing a game they love. As well one will find that it can also provide the opportunity of meeting other like-minded individuals, leading to strong and long-lasting friendships. All seniors are welcome regardless of skill level or place of residence; the only limitation is the 55 plus age requirement hence the name of the website (though actually it probably should be 55plusor54ifturning55thatcalendaryearsoftball.com).

Pickup games are played Monday and Friday from mid-March to December at Denn John Softball Complex in Kissimmee (behind Makinson Aquatic Center). Players must arrive by 9 a.m. (or call before 9 & arrive by 9:15) to play in that day's game. On Wednesday there is batting & fielding practice starting 8:30 to 9:00 followed by a 10:00 pickup game. This year an experimental Fall League was set up @ Denn John on Fridays from Sept. 18 to Oct. 30 being played with 5 teams & 65 players. While the league is underway pickup games are limited to Mondays & Wednesdays at their regular times. 

From Jan. to mid-March Mon. & Fri. pickup games are replaced by our Winter League tournament played at Fortune Road Softball Complex in Kissimmee. Sign-ups take place during November. Teams are created by a selection process with the goal of creating evenly divided teams. Each team is sponsored by a participating organization who donates to our League in exchange for various perks and benefits (and of course prestige). 

Individual players can be highly competitive, but with the league mission of creating a safe place for seniors to enjoy a healthy recreational environment that competitive drive should never drive away respect & tolerance of others. One's sense of competition should be limited to improving one's own game. Osceola Senior Softball is a non profit corporation registered with the Federal Government and the State of Florida.

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 St. Cloud , Fl
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Phone :  Dave Brown @ 407-709-2001 or Gene Mitchell @ 407-816-8221 (321-662-7470 from 7:45-8:45 am, Mon./Fri.); RAIN OUT HOTLINE 407-518-2550 EXT: 6203
(Mike Rodriguez @ 772-359-8415 will be the contact on some days) 

 Email: gemit2000@aol.com, osc55sb@gmail.com or find emails @ www.55plussoftball.com (MEMBERS link)                                                                          

 BOARD; DAVE BROWN, President; RICK ARLEO, Treasurer; GENE MITCHELL, Secretary; PETE EDWARDS, Administration; AL CIALELLA, Rules Official

(League dues can be mailed to Osceola Senior Softball c/o Rick Arleo 2338 Kings Crest Rd, Kissimmee, Fl 34744)   

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Osceola Senior Softball

Victoria Frisenda 
in memory of 
Al Frisenda

August 23 - Successful draft for the Fall League (well actually we won't know how successful till Oct. 31). Thank you to the volunteer managers especially last minute saviour, Jim DiGiacomo (Orange Crush), Hector Ahorrio (Mean Green Machine), Moncho Ramos (White Hot), Dave Brown (Blues Brothers), & Gene Mitchell (Black Attack.... I say "no problem" to me for thanking me). I'll send out an email with team rosters shortly & post them at Denn John. Angel, perhaps can post them on the website & I'll work with him on posting the schedule within a week. Hopefully we can start playing pre-season games by keeping Fall League teammates together for next 5 pickup games.

August 11 - And the hits keep on coming as we take another hit when it comes to the health of our members with Al Villarreal going into the hospital tomorrow to have a pacemaker inserted. Angel or I will update you after the procedure and let you know where and how to send your concerns & best wishes.

August 10 - With Fall League rosters expanding, please expand your ability to tolerate my inability to finalize a schedule (have you tried meditation). Doing this has been difficult given our 'Monday only' stance, intended to let Monday-only players finally be part of league play. And with league expansion the schedule expands so that with 5 teams (& murmurs of finding players for Team #6) we found it necessary to cut the # of games in order to avoid conflicts with other leagues in which a sizable % of our players play in. I intend to bounce all such variables off the Board, get feedback, thus allowing me to take all but one schedule variation off the board. Once there's a final schedule I'll need dates of any games you'll miss before the Aug. 23rd "draft". We also still need volunteers as managers (strong knowledge of softball & our players along with strong pain tolerance. 

August 9 - It took 4 days to reach our 52 player Fall League limit & 4 more to blow thru our new 5 team, 65 player limit - all & all a full fall softball league. I can know say we now. I can now say with 100 % confidence, I'm not confident this finalizes anything (can you say 6 teams?). With a wait list as well as 2 dates in Sept. that present scheduling issues I'd like to run all open-ended issues by the board, after which I'll send out a final email with full detail.  

QUESTION for Fall Leaguers: are there any Mondays from Labor Day to Halloween that you CANNOT play? If so, I need to know [reply to gemit2000@aol.com]. Let's all 

And let's welcome 4 welcome additions to the league: Mike Caputo & Joe Sereci (who I welcomed prematurely on July 1 before this week's cash transaction), Jose "Vidal" Torres (making dreams of an all-Jose team reality), & Mark Taminini (who registered in Dec & has yet to come, tho' believe the time has finally come come tomorrow. 


August 8 - With regret, we pass on to you the news of the passing of Hector Ahorrio's father. Señor Ahorrio tiene un buen hijo as Hector showed incredible concern & devotion to him when he became ill. It was nice to see him at many of our games this year. Services from 5 - 9 today @ Funeraria San Juan (1/4 n.e. of new Publix on Simpson & BVL).

July 31 - Here's a recap from this week's board meeting:
1. Our 2nd annual (?) Fall League has been set for Mondays Sept 5 to Oct 24 (Sept 26 off) @ Denn John with 4 teams of 13 each on first come basis.Detailed email to follow.
2. The end of "net neutrality". Pitchers still get warned for not moving behind the net after a pitch, but 2nd call & they get replaced for an inning. Strike 3, they're out (as pitcher)
3. Call for repeal of bat restrictions was rejected. Still must be at least 70 in 2016 to use "senior bats". If younger such bats are for batting practice only (& must be announced).
4. As of Tuesday, Angel Bermudez will be responsible for communications via website and email (so what the %&*! am I still doing this right now (only kidding... told him I would.

July 30 - We found out Fri. that Luis Nieves was released from the hospital & started his recuperation. Get strong Luis!. Rico Rivera returned from NY from his brother's funeral & was greeted with much love and heartfelt sympathy by his softball brothers who were thrilled to see him back & in good spirits. Also, all our love goes out to our league's MVP (most valuable person), founder Leo Viti - a wonderful man who's been fighting a serious illness. We honor him & soon hope to do so in person as well.

July 23 - Please send out your best wishes & prayers to longtime member Luis Nieves who'll be undergoing heart surgery this Tuesday. I'm hoping he's out there pitching for my team come the Winter League. Hope his surgeon is as surgical & accurate as Luis is when he pitches (but without rubbing his hands with dirt like Luis is prone to do).

July 22 - We all like good comeback stories so I'll nominate Dave Brown for comeback player of the week. On Wed he claimed he'd played his worst game ever - no hits, 3 errors, & the coup de grace', being thrown out at 1st from rt. centerfield. But then on Fri. he makes every play at short, has a single (or 2?) & 2 TRIPLES. Too bad his team didn't win due another comeback by Gene's Machine, our team scoring 7 in the 7th to gain a 13-13-6 tie. 1 more comeback: Juan Castillo came back to visit. Good to see him!

July 13 - Welcome Tim Neale. Nice debut too, with solid 'D' (& solid 'O' ?) culminating with game-winning ground ball (??) grand slam that ended up rolling to OF fence.

July 4 - Happy Birthday to US (thanks Joey for being a man and manning the grill!)

July 2 -  Here's a bunch of information that I've been too busy (and honestly too bored & too lazy) to enter here previously:
1) Speaking of busyness & being bored..some board business: Angel was sought & brought back to take on league communications & off me; I thank him for this takeover!
2) July 4 picnic: Joey's in control of the grill; all others need to be in control of all other picnic needs (too late for signing-up; you'll now just have to guess what's needed).
3) I think most know we waived the 5-run rule and then we waived the waiver. But there's a chance we may waive it again once we begin this year's Fall League.
4) Oops.. just gave away the surprise announcement that there will be a 2016 Fall League. Pretty sure it will most likely it'll be on Fri., perhaps mid-Sept to end of Oct. with,I imagine, a week off in the middle, maybe 4 with a chance of 5 teams with 12 possibly 13 players, presumably with a $15 fee, probably starting registration 08/01. Or not.
If anyone has a new/changed email address, phone, residence, etc. pls. email me, gemit2000@aol.com, or give it to me as it's one of my projects before the Angel takeover

July 1 - Welcome to new members Guy Thompson, Dave Pearcy, & Anibal Niebla. I'd welcome Joe Sereci & Mike Caputo too, but not till they fork over the $15. 

from June?
Juan" (with Johnny & John Luciano) & they got 6; however add Joey to the 'Jose's' you got a 10 man team (Fall League idea - 'name' teams instead of 'color' teams). 

Pittsburghs own...



Osceola Senior Softball Corporation
dba Osceola Senior Softball League
2016 Season Application/Waiver 

The information provided here will be used for verification of eligibility and emergency notification only. The 
information will be kept on file for the duration of the program.

Player Name____________________________________________________________________________

Age_____________________ Date of Birth____________________________________________________



Email Address___________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone_____________________________  Local or Cell Phone______________________________

Emergency Contact Name _________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone_________________________________________________________________


General Information

Current skill rating: 1-top player 2- pretty good 3-average 4- needs improvement

Preferred positions (IF, OF, P, C, 1B, SS/3B): 1______ 2______ 3?______

Dues $____ [Winter League + Pickup games, $55; Pickup games only, $15 ]

Participant Waiver Statement:

I, the signee, understand there may be inherent risks involved in my participation in softball, including but 
not limited to those associated with weather conditions, playing conditions, equipment & other participants. 
I fully assume the risk associated with participation in said sporting activity. I hereby waive any and all claims 
I may have against the city of Kissimmee, the Osceola Senior Softball League, their Directors, Officers, 
Umpires, Sponsors or any members arising out of any personal injury or property damage that is incurred 
during said participation, whether active or inactive. Further, I have read the rules and regulations set 
forth and agree to abide by them and all other decisions made by the League Board of Directors regarding 
this league. I will allow my photograph picture or likeness to appear in any official promotional, Internet or 
any other coverage of this league, without compensation. I also consent to all emergency medical treatment 
as may be deemed appropriate under existing circumstances by medical personnel or personnel associated 
with the league. 

I have read this form and provided truthful information

Signature:__________________________________________ Date:_______________________ 

Fall League Teams Selected
Who's the pre-season favorite. Let the arguing begin.

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