The Osceola Senior Softball League was founded about 20 years ago in St. Cloud Florida. Our most-respected, highly-admired founder Leo Viti is no longer as active with the organization as he would like to be but still drops by occasionally to say hi and cheer us on. Since its founding the league has been devoted to providing an outlet for active seniors to stay in shape both physically and mentally while playing a game they love. As well one will find that it can also provide the opportunity of meeting other like-minded individuals, leading to strong and long-lasting friendships. All seniors are welcome regardless of skill level or place of residence; the only limitation is the 55 plus age requirement hence the name of the website (though actually it probably should be 55plusor54ifturning55thatcalendaryearsoftball.com).

Pickup games are played Monday and Friday from mid-March to December at Denn John Softball Complex in Kissimmee (behind Makinson Aquatic Center). Players must arrive by 9AM (or call before 9 & arrive by 9:15 (see Contact, below, for phone #'s) to play in that day's game. On Wednesday there is batting & fielding practice @ 8:45 to 9 followed by a 10 pickup game (arrive, call by 9:30 to play pickup game). A The Leo Viti Fall League is played one day per week during Sept & Oct played either Mon or Fri so during that season only 2 days per week are available for pickup games.  

From Jan. to end of March Mon. & Fri. pickup games are replaced by our Winter League tournament played at Fortune Road Softball Complex in Kissimmee. Sign-ups take place during November. Teams are created by a selection process with the goal of creating evenly divided teams. Each team is sponsored by a participating organization who donates to our League in exchange for various perks and benefits (and of course prestige). 

Individual players can be highly competitive, but with the league mission of creating a safe place for seniors to enjoy a healthy recreational environment that competitive drive should never drive away respect & tolerance of others. One's sense of competition should be limited to improving one's own game. Osceola Senior Softball is a non profit corporation registered with the Federal Government and the State of Florida.


Our Sponsors
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Board of Directors; Mike Rodriguez, President; Rick Arleo, Treasurer; ​Angel Bermudez acting Secretary (Gene Mitchell serving as acting Angel B.)
Board Members: Harry Canavesi, John Luciano, Mario Tattoli, Jim DeGiacomo, & Ron Montgomery

Phone : Mike Rodriguez @ 772-359-8415 for general information or Mike & Jim Parker @ 321-333-2012 for pickup game issues

 Email: mrod156@hotmail.com, angel_bermudez@msn.com, osc55sb@gmail.com,  or find emails on MEMBERS page                                                                          
(League dues can be mailed to Osceola Senior Softball c/o Rick Arleo 2338 Kings Crest Rd, Kissimmee, Fl 34744; Rick's email, Gman527@aol.com)   

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Osceola Senior Softball

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February 27 - After Monday's games all seedings in Soto division are now set. On 03/02 it will be Marrero's #4 vs Pinch a Penny #1 & Nick's #3 vs #2 Koffee Kup. The Hanratty division is kind of set. Aurora is the 3 seed, VFW #4. Allstate looks to be #1 BUT if they lose 2 to Pinch a Penny tomorrow & Rental World beats Aurora twice there'd be a tie, w/ tiebreaker going to RW (season advantage over Allstate). RW & Allstate both made their case for league's best, RW knocking out PaP twice in five innings 17-2 & 21-5 (tho' against a team without Edwin, James, Nilo & Benny). Allstate meanwhile continued their spree sweeping Nick's 12-3 & 16-8 for their 10th straight & 15th in their last 16 (14-1 since Johnny O's return). It was the 2 other mostly meaningless DHs, however, where the excitement was. In extras Aurora scored 2 in top of 8th only to see Marrero's rally for 3 & a 10-9 win, followed in game 2 by Aurora's 'last licks' turnabout scoring 3 of their own for a 9-8 victory with a 2 out, 2 run Oscar T triple followed by a Luis N RBI winner. Koffee Kup also staged a furious last inning comeback win with 4 to nip VFW 14-13. Then in game 2 VFW, down 10-9 in the 6th, rallied with 5 to win 14-10 for a split.  

February 23 - Easy day at the office with 1st day playing 1 game since the final Denn John pickup game in Dec & first time since Dec didn't need ice or Advil afterward. Each game was a game with team's nearest competitor & for the most part the team higher in the standings won, with Marrero's the exception beating Nick's 10-3, but still has to win out (w/Nick's losing out) to get 3rd place. Aurora feels good about 3rd after taking VFW 6-5 with a 2-run 7th. Meanwhile the 1 spot clinched is the 1 spot in the Soto Division with Pinch a Penny making a statement with a 21-10 pennant winning victory against 2nd place Koffee Kup. Actually a 2nd spot has been clinched - the #2 spot by KKup. Finally... you know the phrase '10-4, over & out'? Well Allstate who's been all-world lately did that 1 better. By beating Rental World 11-5 w/their 3rd straight 11-5 win it's '11-5, over & out'! or "Rental World,it's over you're out!". 

February 22 - Though the battle for 1st & last place remain alive in both divisions, w/ 5 games left there's not much life left in the Soto divsion. However, real battles do exist in the Hanratty. The Hanratty's top 2 teams both came out on top 2 times on Wed, Allstate with the same 11-5 score vs Marrero's & Nick’s, & Rental World with the same last inning heroics for exciting 1-run wins vs Koffee Kup & Aurora, keeping RW 1 back. Less interesting the division's bottom dwellers, Aurora & VFW, who each split their games so that the Vets remain in the cellar by 2. Aurora beat Nick's then fell by 1 to RW; VFW got beat by Pinch a Penny 8-3 but then beat up KK 15-5. The day's 2nd loss by the KKups (despite the Pennies 2nd game 7-6 loss to Marrero's) made a divisional race for 1st less likely, KK now 3 games behind. Coincidentally, each team will play the the team their "rival" on Fri. With a win Nick's would clinch 3rd over Marrero's, PaP lowers magic # to 1 over KK, Aurora would make 3rd more likely over VFW, while in the game of the day a RW win would tie Allstate for 1st.

February 19 - Well we've got some pennant races folks with two nailbiters in the Pinch a Penny, Rental World match-up, & a DH sweep by Koffee Kup. The Pennies eeked by in the 1st, 4-3 as the Renters squeaked by 10-9 in the 2nd. Koffee Kup has now moved up 4 games in 1 week on the Pennies with their 3rd straight winning day comfortably winning by 9 over VFW in both 16-7 & 14-5 with the Vets uncomfortably sitting at the bottom of their division. Today's results means the top 2 teams in the Hanratty are within a game & within 2 in the Soto w/7 games left. In both races teams play each other only 1 more time, with RW & PaP taking 1st in case of a tie, having already clinched the season series against their rivals, now up 3-1 & 4-0 respectively.

February 17 - The 1st 1/2 of Jan 5th's make-up games were played & 2 DH sweeps by the Hanratty teams finally got the division on par with the Soto division @ 54-54. At least there's divisional parity! Allstate, now atop their division used huge innings in each game to beat Nick's 25-12 & 19-13. In the 1st an 8 run 7th put the game away 25-12. In the 2nd, down 11-2 in the 4th, they scored 9. There was no relief for Nick's able pitcher after 5 straight BBs & no relief for Nick's after the day was done as Allstate added 5 then 3 to finish it at 19-13. In the battle for league's worst Marrero's proved to be a bit more worthy of that designation as Aurora bested Marrero's (Marrero's worsted Aurora?). If you were looking for good fundamentals you wanted to look away from these games. Both did hit a bit, with Aurora actually hitting pretty well putting runs on the board in each inning but one, in their 17-10, 15-7 sweep. 

February 15 - With 9 games left in the season it seems the bottom 2 teams of each division did no better than splitting their games yesterday further cementing their bottom feeder fate. Aurora split beating a depleted Pinch a Penny team 15-9 after losing to Allstate 8-6. VFW couldn't follow up their 1st game thrashing of Nick's 14-3, with a 2nd win, losing to Allstate 10-7. Nick's followed the 14-3 loss with a 10-3 loss to Koffee Kup while Marrero's, with their 16-0 win Mon a distant memory, returned to losing ways 9-3 to KK & then by KO 22-6 in 6 vs Rental World (after RW had lost to PaP 19-16). The focus should rightfully be on the top 4 teams - Allstate & RW currently tied atop the Hanratty @ 16-10 with KK trying to sneak up on the Pennies winning last 4 while picking up 3 full games in last 2 days as the Pennies are in the worst throes of the season having lost 3 of 4. Still KK is 3 back with 9 to go.

So my focus now turns to the pennant races with the best one in the Hanratty division between Allstate & Rental World. Rental World's an offensive force scoring 9 or more in 25 of 26 games & leading the league in runs scored with almost 15 runs per game. If you see nailbiters like 18-17, 15-14, 14-13, 12-11 & 11-10 you're probably watching Rental World with their strong hitting lineup of Kike', Rico, Luis F, Jose Soto, & Joe Orr. RW has already clinched the season series (1st tiebreaker) vs their rival leading 3-1 w/ 1 game left, mainly due to a 01/31 DH sweep booting Allstate & keeping them on their heels, 21-6 & 15-3 on a day when the heel of Johnny O. was in a boot. In comparison, Allstate does much of their winning with good defense. In winning 8 of their last 10 teams have only scored an average of 4 runs. With Johnny seemingly healthy, Juan Dorta & Jose Cruz a powerful pair, Ray solid, Pomales hitting, batting buddies Joey & Oscar contributing, Freddy pitching, & the rest blooping away, Allstate is dangerous (tho' perhaps I'm biased being 0-5 against 'em)

February 13 - After a quick glance at yesterday's scores I'm really confused! First, having just about crowned Pinch a Penny Soto division champs after their 11th straight win while Koffee Kup was losing last 4 I would never have predicted KK would win 2 (vs Allstate & Aurora) as the Pennies lost both (to Nick's & Allstate), especially since the Pennies' murderer's row were there. Adding to my confusion was Nick's who in game 1 tarnished those shiny Pennies 13-7 but didn't use that feat to defeat Rental World. Instead RW used both feet to kick 'em in a 15-3 stomping. & to know they manhandled Nick's they probably also handled slumping VFW handily in game 1... but not really. VFW actually was in control 13-11 in 7th until RW clawed their way to a 1-run win. And of course you'd figure VFW's tough showing must have helped them rough up Marrero's - losers of 10 of 11 after 1st game 11-6 loss to Aurora, making it 16 total runs in their last 7 - but what happens? VFW gives up 16 runs in a 6 inning KO, & scoring '0'. 16-0? Whaaa? Finally seeing that Allstate lost share of 1st place with a crushing 12-11 9 inning loss to KK, I would have thought they'd be demoralized & get get crushed by an angry Pincher team, but of course... wrong again! They sneak by 4-3 to stay a game out of 1st. Glad there's no betting on our league or I'd have lost a fortune at Fortune.

February 13 - After a quick glance at yesterday's scores I'm really confused! First, having just about crowned Pinch a Penny Soto division champs after their 11th straight win while Koffee Kup had just lost 4 I would never have predicted KK's would win 2 (vs Allstate & Aurora) & PaP's would lose 2.(to Nick's & Allstate), especially since the Pennies' murderer's row were present. Adding to my disorientation was Nick's who tarnished those shiny Pennies 13-7 but didn't then use that feat to defeat Rental World. Instead RW used both feet to kick them in a 15-3 stomping. Then knowing how RW manhandled Nick's you'd think they also handled slumping VFW handily in game 1... but nope. VFW actually was in control 13-11 in 7th until RW clawed their way to a 1-run win. And of course you'd figure VFW's tough showing must have helped them be too tough for Marrero's - losers of 10 of 11 after 1st game 11-6 loss to Aurora, making it 16 total runs in their last 7 - but what happens? VFW gives up 16 runs in a 6 inning KO, losing 16 to zip? Nada? Finally seeing that Allstate lost share of 1st place with a crushing 12-11, 9 inning loss to KK, you'd think they'd be demoralized & get get crushed by an angry Pincher team, but of course... wrong again! They sneak by 4-3 to stay a game out of 1st. Glad there's no betting on our league or I'd have lost a fortune at Fortune.

February 10 - Parity? Well, maybe not, with only real race for 1st seemingly Rental World & Allstate, who both swept (Marrero's & Koffee Kup) to remain atop the Hanratty division. 2 other interdivisional matchups were sweeps too with Soto division teams Nick's & Pinch a Penny taking VFW & Aurora. 
R.W. took advantage of a slumping Marrero's - loser of 9 of 10, now outscored 90-12 in last 6 - 14-3 & 18-3. Aurora, similarly anemic with 5 runs in last 3, battled tough & through adversity (10 of 11 players ill or injured) going to 7th in 1st, down 10-8, & 2nd, tied 10-10, vs league's top team until the powerful Pinchers got clutch in both of their 7th's bringing their winning streak to 11. VFW, counting on Aurora losing to stay out of cellar, lost 2 to Nick's whose sweep, led by strong 'D' from Hector & a 5 hit day by the Nick-man himself, makes it 4 straight. KK, losing 4 straight, now feels Nick's breathing down its neck in a renewed battle for 2nd. Perhaps this 4 game swing in 2 days means anything's possible. Maybe even Marrero's, now 12 games out, can win final 13 games & with some good luck, like Pinch a Penny losing 13 straight, become 2018 division champs. Stranger things have happened!... well, maybe not.

February 8 - 20 games in & looks like the cream is rising to the top. After 9 straight wins, however, perhaps the cream in Koffee Kup's cup curdled some getting creamed twice by Pinch a Penny, who now owns their own 9 game streak. Two KK wins would have created a tie at the top, but winless vs. the Edwin-less Pennies have them trailing by 4. Allstate rose as well with 2nd sweep over sinking (stinking?) Aurora who had a sinking feeling from the 1st inning of the 1st (bases full then a K & DP for a big zippo) to the final of the finale - not 1 single crooked #, held to 2 singletons each game. Allstate's now tied on top w/Rental World splitting with VFW who jumped over Aurora in the battle of division's least creamy. And speaking of bottom feeders, must bring up Marrero's rocky times, now at rock bottom with 1 win (by forfeit) in last 8 totaling just 3 runs in 2nd straight DH loss with Nick's able to rock'em this time. 
​February 6 - On Mon the Pinch a Penny Pugilists put Marrero Jewelers on ice twice pounding them with KO's of 17-2 & 20-1."Smokin James" Pridgen, Nilo "Sugar Ray" Vega, & Edwin "the Hitman" Rodriguez, w/Iron Mike in their corner (of the dugout) kept punching till matches were declared unsafe. At season's halfway mark the other contests were more closely contested with the healthy competition we've come to expect (well, after 18 games can't really say healthy). Give Koffee Kup credit for following Aurora's 5 run 6th with 6 to tie it, 9-9, tho' in xtras, credit ump too for 5' 11" 1-pitch 'flat' ball call that brought in winning run. Aurora flat in 2nd scoring only 1 in 7-1 loss as Brew Crew steamed to their 9th straight. In the closest match, Rental World & Nick's matched each other w/almost identical scores of 11-10 & 11-9. Finally the splittiest team with 7, Allstate, came back strong 15-2 vs. VFW after losing 5-3. The fight for 1st place is still strong in the Hanratty Div w/ 3 games separating 4 teams. But only KK seems ready to challenge PaP in Soto Div & they meet manana.
February 3 - Six close games on Fri won by 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 & forfeit. Other 2 were won by the super Pinch a Penny Patriots led by James Brady, Edwin Gronkowski, Nilo Amendola, & Mike Belichick. VFW lost to them by 3 field goals in both games. Can't sleep on Koffee Kup percolating with 7 straight wins & a legit championship run themselves, beating Rental World 18-15 & 13-11. Aurora also worth noting finally finding a broom for 1st sweep, 12-11 & 14-12 against Nick's, now only 2 games out of first having won last 4 of 5. Allstate with only 9 players beat Marrero's 20-17, but things got queasy for them in 2nd, down double digits after 4 when, possibly nauseated by the score, they lost a player to a men's room stall & with only 8 you get forfeit. 
February 1 - New trend yesterday: 3 sweeps w/ 2 blowouts. Aurora & VFW not trendsetters as their games were split and very tight (as were each team's fielders for the most part). Aurora opened with an 11-10 comeback in 9. Then VFW came back with a comeback of their own 14-12. Rental World found Allstate's Achille's Heel - Johnny Ojeda's achille's heel. Without Allstate's All-Star the team kept it close, but down 7-6 then Rental World scored 14 in 7th for 21-6 loss. Demoralized much? Well, 2nd game was a 15-3 knockout w/ Allstate not even waiting for a 15-run lead. In a "close" sweep Koffee Kup squeaked by Marrero's 15-13 in 1st, then won a bit more comfortably 16-10 in 2nd. Meanwhile Pinch a Penny brought in a team tailor to start fitting players for championship T-Shirts after beating a good Pittsburgh Nick's team 13-9, then 19-4 in 5. P.a.P. now up by 2, 4, & 5 games in their division.  
January 30 - The Board made policy decisions Mon that can be summed up as their Stop Walking, Please Sit Down, Let's Make Up decisions
Stop Walking: a new rule was voted thru concerning Intentional Walks (& the intentional "unintentional" walk). It can now be found under section 9.8 on the RULES page. Note: rules is currently a first draft and the wording may be changed, though the general meaning will not be. 
Better Sit Down: Rule 10.3 will now specify that a player, who without proper notification, sits when another player should be sitting will cause a one out penalty to his team in following half inning. As well the player who should be sitting must sit while the one sitting must stand immediately & go out to field. 
Let's Make Up: Games for the 3 days canceled days thus far will be made up: Jan 5 games on Feb 16 & 19 @ Denn John; Jan 3 & 29 games at Fortune Rd on Feb 26 & Feb 28 respectively. Updated schedule is now available. Note: Playoffs also schedule with 1st round March 2 and Finals March 12
​January 25- Kaffeinated Koffee Kup revved up for only sweep Wed. beating a potent Nick's 15-7 & 21-17. Split city elsewhere. Allstate must have gotten cocky after 11-7 win over the formidable Pinch a Penny or maybe out of bullets as they then registered 1st shutout loss of season 12, zip. VFW rebounded from their 5-game losing streak with a 24-17 pounding in 1st game but then Marrero's did what they do coming back in 2nd to split with all 5 splits now saved with 2nd game victories, this time a 15-12 win. Aurora, in game 1, tried comebacks from 5-0 & 7-3 deficits & got as close as 7-6, but the clutch team ended up Rental World scoring 3 in 7th to win 10-6. In the 2nd even a 10 run outburst in last 3 by RW couldn't make a dent for Aurora's 1st blowout 21-12.
​January 23 - Ridiculously close games again with only a 12-5 victory by Nick's keeping it from being 8 of 8 won by 3 runs or less as well as 8 of 8 each being won by the home team. Nick's as the home team scored 1 in 7th to beat VFW 6-5 before the "blowout". How close were each of the other splits? Allstate & Koffee Kup each scored 14 runs in their DH with Allstate's 11-10 win followed by KK's 4-3 win. Pinch a Penny won 13-10 with Aurora coming back 8-6 - a 1 run differential, 19 to 18. Meanwhile Rental World's 18-17 1st game wIn & Marrero's 8-6 2nd game win also added up to a 1 run difference, 25 to 24. *Here's my favorite - in 10 games R.W. has had seven 1-run games, two 2-runs & one 3-run game, with 3 of their victories won by identical 18-17 scores! Weird!?!? Guess my team better be prepared to score 19 when we play them on Wed........Currently all teams within 3 games of lead.......​
Note on Nestor: The news that Nestor was in a car accident was actually less breaking news and more news of catching a break. He didn't crash the car. He was able to pull over before he blacked out & came to seeing EMTs placing him in an ambulance. He's now home resting with plans to play on Monday.
January 22 - Heard Angel is thinking about visiting on Wed. Here's hoping he's also back playing next week. Board is working on new intentional walk rule.
​January 20 - This year the league was divided into two divisions (Why the divisiveness? Shouldn't we be united?). ​Anyway, somewhat tongue-in-cheek I announced a "name the divisions" contest & got back this winning entry: the Carlos Soto or Bob Hanratty divisions - thanks, Don... good job.
Now for the fun & games: results from Friday, with 1 exception, still show teams are fairly even with 3 fields having 6 close games even though only 1 split.
F1- Allstate vs. Aurora: though Allstate swept, both games were close. In 1st teams came to 7th tied w/ Allstate then jumping on multiple errors & walks to score 8 & breeze to a 22-16 win. In the 2nd, after Aurora scored 3 in top of 7th to take lead, Allstate got clutch with 3 of their own to get walk-off win 16-15. 
F2 - Nick's vs. Marrero's: Nicks scored 2 in xtras to take 1st 14-13. Then Marrero's copied Allstate, broke a tie after 6 with 8 in 7th to win 17-9 & split.
F3 - VFW vs. Rental World: Rental World squeaked out 1 run & 3 run wins while VFW squawked 'bout how those wins were won. Despite close 11-10 & 17-14 wins each game was sort of a 'walk in the park'...so to speak. Perhaps the Board knows what I'm alluding to & will address this?
F4 - Pinch a Penny vs. Koffee Kup: Exception to the parity theme in this twin-killing w/ P. a P. winning 17-9 in 1st then finishing off KKup, killing them with mercy 18-3 - a type of game that may become the norm going forward for the Penny Pinchers - at least on Mondays & Fridays.... just saying.
​January ​19 - IT'S A GO...PLAY BALL! [written Friday 7:30 AM ]
January 18 - 3rd day ends with all teams positioned fairly equally - just not saying if that means all teams are equally good or equally bad (guess depends on perspective). Bit of separation by division leaders VFW & Pinch a Penny up by 1 game over four .500 teams & 2 games over two .333 teams. Splits still the rule with only PaP taking 2 vs. Marrero's, 1 being appealed due to unruly infield fly rule ruling. Aurora came from behind in a seesaw 21-20 game both unappealable & unappealing due to dispute about a phantom run tallied, tho' an actual run was not given to Aurora in 2nd game (to even things out?) in Koffee Kup's 12-7 win. And it looked like it was '1st to15 wins' as VFW won15-5, then Allstate 15-8. Games of day go to Nick's & Rental World for games long on scoring, long on drama and just plain long - each home team holding off comebacks, Nick's 15-14, then Rental World 18-17. 
January 11 - REMINDER: Fri. Jan 12, pickup games @ Fortune; MLK Day, Jan. 15, pickup games @ Denn John; next league game Wed. Jan 17.
Standings have been updated with scores being found next to schedule. Being on Aurora I wish I'd been on Field 4 instead of 2, getting blown out by Nick's 22-8, to watch 2 exciting games where Koffee Kup & Rental World split 12-11 & 14-13. Looking around the rest of the league you find almost every game was pretty close: Allstate split with Marrero's 10-7, 8-7 & VFW swept Pinch a Penny 10-8, 15-10.. & even after a 22-8 pasting, Aurora closed to a 12-9 loss. Hopefully Aurora will improve so league parity can be maintained cause as you'll find, right now there are six 2- 2 teams with VFW leading @ 3-1...... & us.
​January 10 From Angel Bermudez: Thank you to all for your thought and kind words during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers helped to lift up
 my spirit. My son was a fine young man taken too soon. I have provided his obituary, if you are interested go to bottom of this page & click on link 
 January 9 - Opening Day - ahhh... the sounds of "Happy Birthday Del", Joey's yells of, "get over here & get your Super Bowl squares", & "Play Ball" plus the sights of the Color Guard, the blur of a ball hit by an 80 year old whizzing by your head, & the macho Koffee Kup team in their pink uniforms. And the smell of the green grass, yellow cupcakes, & clothing not yet laundered by tournament guys who played all weekend. Welcome back. Nice to see you all.  
The word (well, my word) this year is "parity". After some some careful player analysis (as careful as 10 minutes for 108 players can be) I discovered teams this year seem incredibly even. This made breaking the league into 2 equal divisions, due to the new playoff system, something that seemingly could be done in countless ways (well actually it can be counted using formula 8C4 = 8! / [ 4! x (8-4)! ] ). Funny how the divisions coincidentally ended up the same as first day matchups with Aurora &VFW and Rental World & Allstate in one & Koffee Kup & Marerro's and Nick's & Pinch a Penny in the other. Parity was witnessed yesterday with 3 of 4 splitting: VFW 16-5 then Aurora 5-4; KoffeeKup 13-3 over Marrero's then Marrero's 7-4; Rental World 18-17 over Allstate then Allstate won (I'll say 10-8). Meanwhile Pinch a Penny won 16-3, then after Nick's scored 7 for 11-11 tie, they scored 9 for a 20-14 sweep <NOTE: Standings are available now on MEMBER page) >
Latest forecast looks better for Wednesday, with latest one not showing AM rain. However be ready for morning fogginess (even after morning coffee). 
​Also, stay tuned for another forecast, whether or not we can make up one of the days canceled last week this Fri. Possible Fortune Rd may be available. r
​January 4 - FREEZE out WARNING - In response to our request to use Fortune Rd for practice tomorrow, we got a chilly reply explaining we'd been 
frozen out from using fields on Friday due to frost warnings. Just reading this sent shivers thru me & left me numb cause getting iced out like that, man that's cold! Thankfully warmth will abound on Opening Day. See you all Monday 8:00 to 8:15 Note: Rainout Hotline up & running.
January 3 - After today & Friday, especially if we practice or play a pickup game, looking forward to new Opening Day with forecast of sunny in the 70's.

January 2, 2018 - Tomorrow's Opening Day has been canceled. Friday will also be canceled making the new Opening Day Monday, January 8th. Please arrive 8 to 8:15 AM to be ready for the 8:30 ceremony. We can use Friday to practice, play a pickup game or just socialize. It'll be around 50 degrees so bundle up! (as the snowbirds shake their heads & laugh). Note: possibility we'll be unable to use fields Fri if too wet (or frozen). We'll be told Thurs aft. & I'll relay info

​Dec 31 2017 - It is with deep regret we impart the sudden and sad news that Angel Bermudez's son has passed. Angel is currently in New York and we are as yet unsure of his return. The league sends it's most heartfelt condolences to one of our most beloved members in this time of his and Cynthia's unspeakable sorrow. I'm sure we will all find ways to support him now and upon his return. Love you Angel. If you'd like to send a personal message to him his addresses are: angel_bermudez@msn.com and 2470 Promenade Dr. St. Cloud FL 34772.

Dec 30 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, We MIGHT be playing softball on Monday (we did play... a little wet, a little cold, a little muddy, but fun!).

​Dec 29 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, We WILL be playing soft ball on Monday January 1st.
Opening Day Wednesday January 3rd at Fortune Road Fields, Be there at 8:00 AM to be sure you have enough time to meet your team,  get your uniform and participate in opening day ceremonies.

Dec 16 The schedule has been changed, this is the official final version as of today.

Dec 6, Please be advised that the schedule for February is subject to change so hold off on making any plans.

Nov 30 The teams for the 2018 Tournament have been selected, click on the "TEAMS" button above to see your team.

Nov 27 The draft for the 2018 tournament will take place on Thursday Nov. 30 at 10:AM at 1027 Plaza Drive, Kissimmee Fl. 34744. Plaza Drive is located off of Simpson Rd., between Dollar Tree and Advanced Auto Parts on one end or between Circle K Mobil Station & Funeraria San Juan on the other end.

Nov 18, 2017 Registration for the winter tournament is closed. We have 104 players (8 Teams w/13 players). Any late entries will be put on standby in case anyone drops out before the draft which will take place on Fri. Dec 1stNov 7, 2017 In honor of Veterans Day we will have a little get together after the game on Friday Nov 10th
  to salute the many Veterans that play softball in our league. Please bring food or beverage to share
  and plan to stay a little while and socialize. 

Oct.27, 2017 Registration for the winter tournament will begin on November 1, applications must be received by Nov 30. 
  The fee for 2018 will be $70.00. We will be playing on Mondays, Fridays and some Wednesdays, therefore 
  we cannot accept one day a week players. If you want to play you must commit to being available on days that
  your team is scheduled to play. Applications will be available at Denn John on Monday Oct. 30, or you can 
  click on "REGISTRATION FORM" above, print it out and bring it to the park with your payment or you can 
  mail it in with your check payable to Osceola Senior Softball.

  Mail to; Osceola Senior Softball  
  c/o Rick Arleo
  2338 Kings Crest Rd
  Kissimmee, Fl 34744


Oct. 16, 2017 Playoffs for the fall tournament will Wednesday Oct.18 at Denn John.
  9:00 AM GREEN vs RED field 1
  BLUE vs ORANGE field 2

  10:30 AM Winner Blue/Orange vs GRAY

  Friday Oct 20 at 9:00 AM Winner of (Green vs Red) vs Winner (Gray vs (Blue /Orange)

Oct. 11, 2017 The tentative schedule date for our 2018 Tournament Season have been posted, click on button above.

Sept. 21, 2017 - On Friday 22nd, we will be taking up a collection to make a group donation to Puerto Rico relief from the Osceola Senior Softball League, PLEASE HELP in any way you can. 
Also on Monday 25th, Juan Castillo will be collecting donations of clothing to be donated to the relief fund, if you can help with that it will also be greatly appreciated.

Sept. 20, 2017
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our members who have family and friends in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area so violently damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria. I am sure that their situation will be very desperate and in need of great assistance, especially from organizations like the Red Cross. 
If you are able please make a contribution to the Red Cross or any charitable organization of your choice in order to help alleviate the suffering which will come in the aftermath of this storm.

Por favor ayuden a los afectados por los huracanes Irma y Maria, contribuyen a la Cruz Roja o a otras organizaciones que estan ayudando a los victimas de estas tragedias.  

Sept 17, 2017 - Team standings have been updated.

Sept 12 2017 - Denn John fields are dry, gates are open so its back to softball again.
  Wednesday's game will be BLUE vs RED , be on time.

Sept 7, 2017 - Kissimmee Parks Department has informed us that all fields will closed and locked down on Friday Sept 8th., therefore No Games on Friday

Sept 1, 2017 - Fields are OK Game on! !

Aug 30, 2017 Fall League begins this Friday, Orange vs Green, Red vs Blue at 9:00AM be on time, wear your colors 

Aug 21, 2017 Please disregard change to schedule, we will use the original schedule which now appears on the website. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Aug 19, 2017 We are planning a little get together on Monday September 4th after the game to celebrate LABOR DAY. Please bring something to share, if not sure what to bring see John Luciano, he has a list. Note; there has been a change made on the Fall schedule, the teams playing on 9/20 and 9/27 have been switched.  

August 14, 2017 The teams for the fall tournament have been chosen, click on the " TEAMS" button above to see rosters. he fall schedule has been posted click on the "2017 FALL SCHEDULE" button to see schedule.

Both fields will be used on Fridays for tournament games, so no pickup games on Fridays. Both fields will be available for pickup games on Mondays, no tournament games
One field will be used on Wednesdays for tournament games, the other field will be available for practice and pickup game.

RULES; when a batter enters the batters box, if the NEXT batter is not on the field ready to bat he will be called out.  If a batter younger than 70 enters the batters box with a Senior Bat, he will be called out. If that batter uses that bat, the defending team can bring it to the umpire's attention before the next batter gets up to bat, the batter will be called out and if any runners have advanced they must go back to their original base.
If a team does not have enough players by 9:15 for the first game or by 10:45 for the second game, they will forfeit that game. 

August 11, 2017 - The City of Kissimmee has provided an on site defibrillator to be kept at the Denn John softball field equipment room, Thank you Steve Lackey. This is a great first step, we next have to get familiar with how to properly use it   and to update our CPR skills.

Team selections for the Fall tournament will take place on Monday Aug 14 after the game, team rosters will be   posted later on. I do not have any details but I have been informed that one of our former members Diego Luquis has passed away. Our condolences go out to his family

August 9, 2017 - Good News (hopefully) please hold off on contributing to the Defibrillator fund, there may be a possibility that the City of Kissimmee may provide the funding for for this very important piece of equipment. We are waiting to hear back from them. 

August 7, 2017 - -All slots are filled for the Fall tournament , we will not accept any more players.

We are starting a fund to purchase a defibrillator, please contribute either directly to one of the committee members, or to Osceola Senior Softball c/o Rick Arleo, 2338 Kings Crest Rd, Kissimmee, Fl 34744. or at https://www.gofundme.com/defibrilator-for-senior-softball

July 31, 2017 - We are now registering for the Fall Mini Tournament. Spaces are limited, the cost is $20 payable at the park on Wednesday or Friday. First to pay will get to play.

July 28 2017 - It is with with great shock, surprise and sadness that I have to report the passing of Carlos Soto, Carlos collapsed right after today's game and failed to regain consciousness. Our sincerest sympathy goes out to his wife and family. 

July 22 2017 - Congratulations are due to Mike and the committee members for successfully putting 4 teams on the same field and allowing everyone to play and 
completing 2 consecutive games with minimal problems.

Friday July 21 - Only one field available today, the other one is underwater. You can take your chances and go to the park but do not complain if the game takes longer than usual.

July 4 2017- Sad to report that one of our retired softball players, Reggie Llewellyn has moved on to greener pastures. Reggie passed away on July 3rd. Reggie had been a long time member of Osceola Senior Softball until his illness   overtook him a few years ago and he was no longer able to play. Our condolences go out to his wife Jeanette. 

July 10 2017 *** There will be a memorial get together for Reggie at the VFW in Saint Cloud on Saturday July 29th at 1 PM, all are welcome, ***

Thank you to all who attended the memorial for Frank's mom, he was very happy to see you all.

july 3,2017 - We would like to express our deepest heartfelt sympathy to Frank Woodsby and his family on the death of his mother June Woodsby.
  There will be a memorial service at 2000 13th Street, Saint Cloud Fl, 34769
  Telephone: (407) 957-2511, on Sunday July 9, from 4 to 6 PM. 

June 7, 2017 A little good news, Ramon Del Valle is finally well enough to go home and was discharged from rehab, he still faces a long struggle to get back to normal, Ramon will be accepting visitors at home, his phone number is 407-334-7579.

June 2 2017 I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I must report the sudden and untimely passing of Bob Hanratty, one of our former members. Bob passed away on May 27th, there will be a   Memorial service for him at Woodland Memorial Park and Funeral Home, 400 Woodland Cemetery Rd..  Gotha, Fl. 34734, on Saturday June 10th 2017 at 4pm.  

May 29, 2017 - It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Ann Viti, beloved wife of Leo Viti, the founder of Osceola Senior Softball Ann along with Leo was a regular at all our softball games and activities,  she was loved by all who knew her for her sweet smile and gentle manner. Our hearts go out to Leo who has been with Ann almost all his life.

There will be a Memorial Service for Ann on Monday June 5th from 4 to 6 PM at OSCEOLA MEMORY GARDENS 1717 B0GGY CREEK ROAD KISSIMMEE, FL 34744
407-847-2494 http://www.osceolamemgds.com/obituaries/

May 18, 2017 - Ramon Del Valle will be transferred tonight from the hospital to a nursing facility to begin rehab, the location is:
  THE TERRACE AT KISSIMMEE//  221 PARK PLACE BLVD// KISSIMMEE, FL 34741 //  407-935-0200; If you can't make it out to see him,his phone number is, 407-334-7579.

MEMORIAL DAY is on Monday May 29th. We are planning to have a little picnic after the game on that day and we would like everyone to participate and contribute some food or beverages or snacks. On Wednesday and Friday John Luciano will be making a list of who is bringing what so that we do not have too many duplicates, please see him and let him know what you are bringing.

Mike reported that Ramon is in good spirits and will be starting rehab soon .

4/28/2017 - The new committee met today for the first time and they got to work right away updating some of the rules, please take note of the following.

1 on deck batter --no longer out for not being there--but as a pitch thrown and he's not there additional strike called not on the hitter but the on deck batter---2 of them and the on deck batter is out

2 senior bats will stay at age 70 for safety reasons

3 the net in front of pitcher--No longer a strike called if batter hits the net--it's a dead ball--even if struck with 2 strikes or 1 strike--dead ball only

4 Umpire to hold the second ball --no longer do we place the second ball that may be used behind the net--

5 A rule that has been in effect but not understood is as follow--On deck batter is on base but should be in the on deck position--the on deck runner is taken off the field and is called out and assumes his position in the on deck circle

feedback is always welcome and the committee is here to keep things running smoothly 

4/21/2017 The elections are over, 62 ballots were received 24 by email and 38 by paper ballots. 
Your mew committee will be:
Rick Arleo, Harry Canavesi, Ron Montgomery, Jim Digiacomo, Luis Abreu, Mario Tattoli,John Luciano and Mike Rodriguez as President.

  Let's all chip in any way we can to help them in keeping this great club going and making it bigger and better in the future.

4/13/2017 We will be selecting new members for our League Committee on Friday April 21. Committee members are limited to 7, they make the rules, run league activities, make sure we have the finances to keep everything going. Anyone wanting to volunteer their services can submit their names for approval by the membership. At the present time we have Mike Rodriguez assisted by Pete Edwards, and Rick Arleo. 

So far Harry Canavesi, Ron Montgomery, Jim DiGiacomo, Paul Goodhart , John Luciano, Luis Abreu and Mario Tattoli have signed up to join the committee.


4/9/17 The tournament is officially over, the banquet was a big success thanks once again to Frank Woodsby and his staff from the Koffee Kup Restaurant and to Eddie Rozo for providing the music. A special thank you goes out to the St Cloud VFW for allowing us to use their hall and for their hospitality.

Congratulations to the AURORA AIR CONDITIONING team for their terrific season and winning the tournament, also to the VFW team for their amazing comeback to win the playoff championship. Sorry NICKS, you were sooo close, well there's always next year (and maybe some rule changes).


4/3/2017 Our deepest sympathy go out to John Diaz, John's brother passed away last night after a long illness. John is currently on his way to Pennsylvania to be with his family. Keep John in your prayers as he keeps us in his.

Team Photos are now available on the TEAMS page click button above

League Banquet will be held on Saturday April 8th at 6:00 PM at the VFW in St Cloud. All members who played in the tournament are invited at no cost , spouses and guests will be asked for a $5 contribution. Dinner and beer are included. Please try to attend.  

Playoff schedule decisions: 1) finals will be play 03/31, 2) games determined by the double elimination bracket printout (not by reseeding after Rounds 1 & 2), & 3) field assignments will be chosen by managers in order from higher to lower seeds in winner's bracket, followed by the higher to lower seeds in loser's bracket.

Congratulations to Mike Rodriguez he is the new President of the Osceola Senior Softball League. Mike will be taking over the duties of Dave Brown, but he can not do it alone, everyone must cooperate in order for this league to continue to improve and grow as we become more popular. This league is is a totally volunteer organization, so if we don’t do it, nobody else will; please help out in any way you can. Set up & takie down the equipment obey our rules & respect one another. 

03/20 - Marrero's lost their last game of the regular season to the Nicks 10-6 putting them in 5th place. In the first game of the playoffs Marrero's was matched with the 4th place team, Allstate. The game started out pretty evenly matched, but Marrero's scored 5 in the third inning, mainly due to the 3 run blast by Marrero's right fielder/pitcher Mike Lamboy. With bats blazing six of the jewelers went 2 for 3 and the game ended with a 14-6 victory for Marrero's.

​Aurora played 35 games, won 26, & scored on average well over 10 per game, but 1st game of playoffs vs. Pinch A Penny what did they do? Literally nothing. Scored 0, nada, zilch, shut out! PAP did their part for a 5-0 win with a clutch force out on a single to LC fielder James, & turning 3 DPs...but c'mon, a goose egg!?!

​3/17 Marrero's & Koffee Kup went undefeated while Allstate & Pinch-A-Penny lost 2. Aurora (who clinched 1st), Nicks, Rental World, & VFW split.

03/17 Write ups: The luck of th Irish was smiling on Marrero's who won a DH on St. Patty's Day. In game 1 Marrero's took an early lead over Allstate & never let up, despite Bobby G's HR in the 5th, a 5 run 6th & Mike Caputo's 4 for 4... final, 17-9. Marrero's power hitters were Felix & Ted who both went 4 for 4,& Jose Soto and Gayle, both 3 for 3. In game 2 the Jewelers again took an early lead against Pinch-A-Penny, walking away with a 12-5 win. The stand-outs for P-A-P were Ron Dustin who was 3 for 3 & Celgio, 2 for 2. Marrero's stars of the game were Ted & Pat who both went 3 for 3. For those counting that makes 7 for 7 for Ted and 5 for 5 for Pat on the day. Contributing to the wins, was a great job by Marrero's pitcher John Diaz who only walked 1 batter in the 2 games.

Aurora played a strong 2 way game to clinch title against Nicks 11-2 with solid IF play & hitting thru the lineup. They then relaxed to the point of unconsciousness playing an awful game losing 19-18 to Rental World, who were nearly as awful (lots of sore necks & throats from players shaking heads & yelling in frustration). 

03/14 League's hottest teams are now Allstate, Nick's, & Rental World all winning 2. Aurora & Marrero's split with VFW, Koffee Kup & Pinch-A-Penny losing 2.

Marrero's once again split. Game 1 with Koffee Kup had it's ups & downs as KK took an early lead. Marrero's scored 5 in the 5th & 6th inning & walked away with 13-10 victory. Marrero's stars were Felix who went 3 for 4 & Oscar Machicote who went 3 for 3. Koffee Kups standouts were Wagner Sierra who went 4 for 4 & Larry Widmer @ 3 for 3. Game 2 was a different story; Marrero's unable to capitalize on their hits; this along with deception from Rental World which caused a triple play, cost Marrero's the game, 7-3. Marrero's standout was pitcher John Diaz who went 3 for 3.

Aurora was outplayed by Allstate in their Game 1. Key was Allstate first squashing an Aurora rally holding them to 2 runs despite 1st 4 players reaching & then coming back with 5 when their 1st 4 batters reached - with stinging hits - but kept rally going with next 4 hitters doing the same. Great catch by Mike Rod. kept Aurora from a comeback in this 11-7 win. Nestor Aponte's strong hitting, fielding, & running (tho' you were out at 3rd!) made him game MVP. Aurora beat a depleted Pinch-A-Penny (hard for a James-less, Freddy-less PaP to win) in game 2 for a 16-1, 6 inning knockout. Team effort by Aurora who had no trouble singling thru & over IF all game. 

Despite congratulations by Nicks Aurora hasn't clinched 1st. Magic # is 1; Nicks takes 1st with 3 wins & 3 Aurora losses with teams playing on Friday.

03/10 - Aurora & Nicks played 2 bloody & bruising battles to a 1-1 split. Meanwhile Koffee Kup took a bruising (to their egos) losing 2 to Rental World 

Writeup: Aurora & Nicks engaged in 2 fights to the finish... games perhaps harbingers of battles to come. A see-saw game 1 highlighted Aurora's comeback ability (Nicks up 2, then Aurora up 1, Nicks up 1, then Aurora up 2, Nicks up 1 then Aurora up 4) till the 7th when Nicks scored 7 - clutch dinger by Moncho key - to go up by 3; then kept Aurora's tying run from scoring from 2nd on an OF single to end the game for a 16-15 win. Game 2 was similar with the score yo-yo-ing back & forth (Nicks up 2, Aurora up 1, Nicks up 3, Aurora up 2, Nicks tied it, Aurora up 2, Nicks closing to within 1) when Aurora made any comeback out of the question scoring 12 & taking it 23-10. Nicks' hard-hitting 3, 4, 5, hitters Earl, Eric, & Rob hit hard while Aurora relied on 5 thru 10 (Pomales had his best day) with everyone, of course, hitting in the 12 run 7th. Teams play 1 more reg. season game; then you might see 1 last time at the end of March. 

03/07 - Game 1: Aurora Air beat Marrero's, Rental World over VFW, Pinch-A-Penny forfeited to Nicks, Koffee Kup wins against Allstate 
Game 2: Aurora tops Koffee Kup & Rental World beat Nicks to each win 2; Marrero's over VFW, Allstate takes Pinch-A-Penny for splits. 

Write up: In game 1 Aurora took an early lead against Marrero's who had to play yet again shorthanded. After the weak start the jewelers got movated and came on strong. However; they were unable to produce a win and lost 14-12. Marrero's standouts were Jose Soto who went 4 for 4, and Pat Giles and Boch Ruiz who both went 3 for 4. Aurora's stars were the "Cruz team" (Jose Cruz & Cruz Rosario) who both went 3 for 3. In game 2 Marrero's took an early lead against VFW & walked away with a 16-8 victory. Not surprising the stars of Marrero's were Jose Soto who went 4 for 4 (that's 8 for 8 on the day) & Tito who went 4 for 5. The stars for VFW were Barry Dunn, Dave Beaumont & Pete Edwards who all went 2 for 3.

Allstate lost a heartbreaker to Koffee Kup in the bottom of the 7th, 9 to 8 in game 1. Top hitters in the game were Raul Torres and Mike Caputo going 3 for 3. In game 2, the Allstate bats came alive against Pinch A Penny, winning 23 to 15. Top hitters in game 2 were, Bob Giguere, Bienvenido Lopez (another HR) both going 4 for 4, and Nestor Aponte, Yorsy Ozoria and Angel Velez chipping in 3 hits each.

03/04 - VFW & Pinch-a-Penny and Marrero's & Allstate went 1 & 1 and 1 & 1 in their Denn John makeup games. Standings stand as is (as was?).
​Marrero's and Allstate split on a beautiful sunny but extremely windy day Fri. In game 1 Marrero's took an early lead. Their bats were on fire and with 3 five run innings the game was called after 6 with the jewelers claiming a 22-10 victory. Game 2 started with Marrero's once again having the lead through 4 innings. But, in the 5th Allstate came alive and won the game 10-7. Marrero's stars were their pitcher and catcher Felix Navarro & Pat Giles who despite extreme wind kept the game under control while coming up with 4 out of 6 hits for Felix and 4 out of 7 for Pat. Also, Jose, Oscar and Tito all went 5 for. 8. Allstates major hitters, not suprisingly were Jim Brady 4 for 6 and Bobby Guiguere who went 5 for 6.

Feb 28 - VFW, Nicks, Marrero's, Rental World, Aurora, Pinch-a-Penny each split with 4 of those games super tight 1-run games; this while a super tight race for teams in 4th thru 8th place, was made clear with Allstate's sweep of Koffee Kup as they climbed 8th to 4th & KK fell from 4th to 8th. 

Marrero's and Rental World split with both games decided by 1 run. In game 1 Marrero's took an early lead, but the Renters scored 5 in the fourth. Unable to catch them Marrero's lost 8-7. In game 2 it was neck and neck even though Marrero's was on top the whole game. The final score was 14-13 as Rental World could only match Marrero's 4 runs in the 7th falling 1 short. Marrero's power hitters were Jose Soto who went 5 for 6 and John Diaz who went 5 for 7 on the day. Rental World's star hitters were Ron Montgomery and Tony Vega both going 6 for 9.

Aurora & Pinch-a-Penny split 2 hard fought games. In both Aurora came back to tie after the Penny Pinchers took large leads. In game 1 a 
12-4 fourth inning lead was erased by 8 Aurora runs. A scoreless 7th brought extras & tho' P-a-P scored 2 Aurora roared back with 3 for a 13-12 heartbreaker. In game 2, a similar lead,10-4, was again overcome as Aurora scored 6 in the 5th. But this time when the hard-hitting pinchers scored 3, Aurora pooped out then popped out to end it 13-10. PaP had standout hitting performances by Gerry & Jerry with Cecil making a few defensive gems while Gerry, James & Ron made solid plays all day. For Aurora Bobby & Ben hit like young studs while Alan & Jose Lopez were offensive juggernauts as well. Also offensive was the defensive play of Aurora's SS, who made the Pennies feel the pinch on more than a few occasions.  

​Feb 25 - Last regularly scheduled doubleheaders are Mon. Feb. 27 with make up for Jan 23 games either on March 3rd or 10th @ Denn John. 
NOTE: the Mon. rainout IS being made up on those Fridays. This actually evens out games played by 'Monday & Friday only' players. Since Parks & Rec took away 3 Fridays but only 1 Mon from original schedule, making up a Mon with a Fri means all players will miss 2 dates each. 

Feb 24 - Aurora won 2 from Allstate, Nicks won 1 from Marrero's & split one (also known as a tie) with RW & VFW, KK & P-a-P splitting 2. 

​Marrero's are in shock as they tied game 1 & were shut out 7-0 in game 2 with the Nicks. In game 1 the Nicks took an early lead, but the jewelers fought hard and came back to tie the game 13-13 despite some confusion in the last inning. Game 2 left Marrero's traumatized as the Nicks took a 7-0 lead in the 3rd and shut the jewelers down the rest of the way. Nicks stars were Eric Ruffice & Joey Ruiz who both hit 5 for 6 & Ramon DelValle for his excellent pitching. Marrero's standouts were Oscar Machicote, 5 for 6, & Rick Arleo, 5 for 7. A THANK YOU to Felix Navarro & all Marrero's hurt players who didn't bail despite injuries!
​Aurora is back to its winning ways with the return of Bobby, Alan, & Jose Cruz winning 12-8 & 17-14 against a hard-hitting Allstate team. Hitting
leaders in game 1 for Aurora were the bottom & top of the order while hitting leaders in game 2 were the middle of the order, twice responsible for big 2 out rallies. Hitting leaders for Allstate, Jim Brady going 7 for 7, Mike Caputo 5 for 7, & 5 others chipping in with 4 hits each; plus Biembo blasting a bases clearing HR.

Feb 20 - Splitsville once again except for team at top (Aurora won none). Watch out, league may be tightening (4 thru 8 already tight as drum)
Write-ups: For only the second time all season Marrero's had their whole team in attendance. Game 1 was close though the jewelers were on top the whole game. Pinch-A-Penny kept the pressure on but, Marreros won the game 9-6. Game 2 was a tough one for Marrero's, as Pinch-A-Penny came out with bats blazing! They had 3 five run innings and took the game 23-10. Some of Marrero's standouts were excellent fielding by Mike Stoermer & perfect batting by Ted Witt who was 6 for 6 with an ALMOST HR. Pinch-a-Penny's hitting prowess came from Cecil Vazquez who went 8 for 9, Jerry Mobley with a 6 for 8 day plus,as usual, the excellent fielding by Mr. Pinch-A-Penny, James Pridgen.

Aurora lost to Koffee Kup 11-7 & 13-8, games usually won by pulling 'em out late. But it was KK pulling away to put them away both times. Aurora winning record is mostly due to timely hitting & solid defense AND never been shorthanded. But Mon. playing with only 9 their timing was off and were not solid in any phase of the game (more gassy than solid). Game 1 showcased KK & their solid hitting jumping off to a fast 6-0 lead. A bases-loaded 2-out back handed stab of what looked to be an RBI single turned out to be the play of the game by Mario keeping Aurora from catching up. Aurora got as close as 8-7 but add some DP's & add-on runs in the 7th & Aurora lost 11-7. Game 2 was pretty similar with KK taking the same 8-7 lead & then pulling away with 5 more while snuffing out any & all Aurora rallies. Shout out to Dave Brown who was the most solid of all Kuppers with his line drive hits & being in the middle of many of the inning killing DP's.

***ATTENTION*** Make-up dates for Jan. 23rd rainout will be as follows (PLEASE NOTE THESE GAMES ARE AT DENN JOHN FIELDS!)
March 3rd at DENN JOHN FIELDS - 9 AM, Field 1, Allstate (H) vs. Marrero's (A) DH; 9 AM, Field 2, VFW (H) vs. Pinch-A-Penny (A) DH
​March 10th at DENN JOHN FIELDS - 9 AM, Field 1 Aurora Air (H) vs. Nick's (A), DH; Field 2 Koffee Kup (H) vs. Rental World (A) DH

Feb 17 - VFW Won 2 over Pinch-A-Penny... otherwise splitsville.
Write-ups: Marrero's playing short handed yet again, split with Allstate. In game 1 Allstate took an early lead & after 3 innings were up 7-0. Marrero's fought hard & scored 3 in the 4th and 5 in the 5th to go ahead 8-7. But Allstate found all the holes left by Marrero's 9-player defense & scored 5 in the 6th to win 12-8. Game 2 was almost a carbon copy in reverse. Marrero's were up when Allstate scored 5 in the 4th to tie it at 7. In the 5th they went ahead by 1, but the jewelers scored five in the 6th and shut Allstate down for the last 2 innings thus, walking away with a 12-8 victory. Marrero's standouts were, Felix Navarro who went 7 for10 and Rick Arleo, Jose Soto & John Diaz who all went 6 for 9 on the day. Allstate's stars were Bobby Guiguere who went 4 for 5 & Juan Dorta, Bienvenido Lopez & Mike Rodriguez who all went 4 for 6 on the day.

Championship atmosphere seemed to have both Aurora & Nicks playing a bit tight in their first 2 games of the season, games which also were tight scores. However, in game 1 'right off the bat', Aurora seemed loose scoring 5 but followed up with some loose 'D' (looseness due to tightness?) helping a Nicks' comeback for a 7-6 lead. Two clutch 6th inning runs & a shut-down 7th tho', gave Aurora their 17th win in 18 games. In game 2 a reversal of sorts as Nicks led off with 2 quick runs & Aurora coming back with 4. But when Nicks answered with their best offensive inning & a 7-4 (then 7-5) lead, Aurora wasn't clutch like before; it was Nicks who scored 2 in the 6th with a shut-down 7th. The 9-5 win seems to squash any notion that Aurora would go unchallenged the rest of the way. Both games were fun & competitive, sprinkled with some offensive offense (pop ups & strikeouts) & some great hitting + some deficient defense (mental lapses & bad errors) with some strong fielding. Young studs Rob Milnor & Eric Riffice played big (& I mean BIG) for Nicks while Aurora's strength came from Cruz & Lloyd's 2-way play plus a solid short (& I mean SHORT), the SS I heard Harry refer to as a huge asset, or was it huge 'pain in the ass(et)'? Rematch 3/10.
Feb 13 - "Sweeps week" as Nicks beat Pinch-A-Penny, Marrero's beat Koffee Kup, Allstate beat Rental World, & Aurora Air beat VFW.

Write-ups: The sun and the Jewelers were both shining today as Marrero's won a double header from Koffee Kup. In game 1 Marrero's took an early lead; excellent pitching from John Diaz as well as 3 five run innings led to a 21-7 victory. Game 2 started out quite differently, as Koffee Kup came out with bats blazing. After 4 1/2 innings Koffee Kup was up 10-1, but the Jewelers fought hard and scored 6 in the bottom of the 5th (which included homeruns by both Jose Soto and Oscar Machicote). Marrero's defense came on strong and they scored 5 more winning the game 12-10. The power hitters for Marrero's were Jose Soto who went 7 for 9, Tito Hernandez who was 6 for 8 and Gayle Weeks who went 4 for 5. Koffee Kup's stars were Carlos Soto and Frank Woodsby who both went 5 for 7.

When it comes to Aurora winning, the rest of the league is saying "enough". And that's what we've been saying - enough... just enough clutch "D" with enough pitching to avoid big innings plus enough clutch hitting to get enough big innings and before you know it you've got a 16-2 record. Against VFW, who seemed to have plenty enough firepower to out-gun Aurora (Yo Adrian Yo Vidal, Yo Joe O, Yo Julio) Aurora was again clutch enough for 15-9 & 15-11 victories. In the 1st game 3 big innings & 13 runs to start the game pretty much sealed the deal while the 2nd game, despite a similar score, got quite tight as VFW started the 6th with 8 (?) hits + walks - the 1st out being on a throw home after a hit followed by a DP to end it. But enough dwelling on the past; question now is will Aurora have enough to handle hard charging Nicks on Friday?

Feb 10 - Marrero's playing short handed once again, lost a doubleheader to the 1st place Aurora AirIn Game 1 it was neck and neck until the last two innings. Innings 6 &7 were scoreless for the jewelers and Aurora took advantage of their quiet bats and won the game 8-3. Game 2 was all Aurora's, as they took an early lead and kept the pressure on until the end, winning 15-6. Aurora's stars were Ben Pomales who went 6 for 8 on the day and both Gene Mitchell & Alan Miller who went 5 for 8. 

Aurora's win against Marrero's followed their formula: take clutch 'D' (leave 4 or 5 Marrero runners stranded at 3rd, add clutch pitching (avoid walks despite a half dozen '3&1' counts, plus a combo of clutch hitting & un-clutch opponent "D" (hang crooked numbers a number of times per game) & you get wins (this despite a team comprised of the walking [& running] wounded & despite some good Marrero hitting - Arleo's & Diaz singles + Lamboy/Soto shots. Special shout out to Rental World who jumped from last to 5th with sweep and watch out for Pittsburgh
​Nick's who've been making noise, 9 of 10 wins since Jan. In the 'nothing to shout about' area - KK & VFW split (won't even mention other 2)

Feb 6 - Marrero's playing a man short, split a doubleheader with VFW. Game 1 was pretty much neck and neck with a score of 7-5 after 6 innings. But, in the 7th the jewelers scored 8, and along with excellent defense won the game 15-8. Game 2 was VFW's game, as they took an early lead and never let up. Too many mental errors cost Marrero's the game and the final score was 14-10. Marrero's attackers were Rick Arleo 6 for 7, Felix Navarro 7 for 10 and Ted Witt 5 for 8. VFW's outstanding players were Julio Medina 6 for 8 and Joe Orr 5 for 7.

Aurora A/C continued their winning ways assisted by both their own solid defense & a less than solid one by their Rental World (tough journalism!). Aurora also got solid hitting as Cruz, Lloyd, Alan, Ben & Jose Lopez led the way with timely contributions from each of the other 6. In Game 1 Aurora's offense consisted of 3 big innings totaling 14 runs on the way to a 16-3 rout. In Game 2 the flood gates opened wider in the open inning taking a close 9-6 game & turning into a a 21-6 (Rental) World of hurt. Special praise goes to Julio Rivera who matched the pitching prowess of Lary "1 R" Williams; same is true for game 2 pitcher Ken Lavoie. Both pitchers' season long consistency have contributed greatly to Aurora's winning ways. You gotta figure R.W. is missing a healthy Rico Rivera, but not sure the same can be said for 12-2 Aurora missing their talented Jose Cruz (come back anyway Jose as lately our courtesy runners need courtesy runners!). 

Feb 3 - Aurora turned out to be penny pinchers themselves allowing only 6 runs for the day with excellent defense throughout. Ben's stab of a 7 ft. liner, Eddie's shoe top (shin-top?) catch, Cruz's catch that left grass stains on his shirt, & Gene's over the shoulder back hand catch in LF being stand outs. In the first game Aurora increased their winning streak to 10 with another patented two 5-run inning game & a 13-2 final and 1 of their finest wins. 5-run innings tho' must have come off patent in game 2 with the true penny pinchers only allowing 3 runs turning off the Air Conditioner's power & making them sweat a bit while generating enough offense (a key Ray Ortiz RF line triple leading to 3 runs & Jerry Mobley's bloop RBI single in the 7th) to give Pinch a Penny their 4-3 win.  

Jan 30 - Marrero's proved to be true Floridians, they just couldn't adjust to the cold today, as they lost a doubleheader to the Pittsburgh Nicks. The Nicks took an early lead in game 1, but the Jewelers fought hard in the 4th inning to tie it at 9. But, their little burst of steam just wasn't enough and the Nicks came on strong to win the game 17-10. In game 2 the Nicks started like a ball of fire, scoring 5 runs in each of the first two innings. By the 3rd inning the score was 13-4. Marrero's played hard and shut them down for the rest of the game, but they just couldn't put the numbers on the scoreboard and lost 13-10. Marrero's Mike Lamboy had an excellent day going 7 for 8 in the doubleheader. *A special message to Gary Vansickle, who while fighting the blinding sun, got hit with the ball, cut his forehead (fortunately no stitches were needed) and in valiant effort to make the play twisted his back. We wish you well & hope you will be back Friday!

Aurora vs. Allstate - Game 1, The "Mercy Mercy Me" game. On a chilly morn Allstate given a chilling by Aurora Air Conditioning with a 10-0 start. It was 17-5 in the 5th when Al V. ended the game due to 12 run difference. But Mgr Mike Caputo cried foul instead of mercy, remembering the rule had changed from 12 to 15 after 5. So after a 10 minute break play resumed, though scoring did not. Final score 17-5. Game 2, "The OK, Now We're Warmed Up" game". With Mike C. noting on Fri. - after losing all 4 (now 5) 1st games & taking each nightcap - "we should just show up for the 2nd game", Allstate was now ready to do what they do... win. Aurora complied with 3 scoreless innings, but Allstate still hadn't shown up yet either in a 0-0 barn-burner. Then Aurora struck with 3 & increased the lead to 6-1 with help of a key OF error. Mike C may now say they should just show up for 7th inning, game 2 because Allstate roared back then scoring 5 to tie. But with winning run on 2nd Aurora's good karma took over as Orlando lined 2 scorchers into the net to send the 6-6 tie to extras after which a single run in the 8th by streaking Aurora ended Allstates' 2nd game win streak. So, Aurora sweeps again due to timely hitting, relatively strong 'D', & good karma. Aurora's Cruz R (in for J Cruz in LC) played a flawlessly while blasting a few too while Allstate's blasts were too few & far apart, tho' Raul's still blasting & Biembo, who left the opposing SS with a sore thenar (look it up), had a few too. ​

Nestor Aponte left behind a blue jacket with Red Sox logo, Lary Williams (Rental World) misplaced his bat on Monday, if you picked either up please see them. 

Jan 27 - Finally something good to write about. The jewelers were shining today as they took a double header from Pinch-A-Penny. True to Marrero"s track record, both games were close. In game 1 Marrero's & Pinch-A-Penny took turns exchanging the lead every inning until Marrero's pitcher John Diaz shut P.A.P. down for the last three innings, leading the jewelers to a 13-10 victory. Game 2 was an example of competition at it's best, as both teams went back and forth fighting for the lead, until Marrero's scored 2 in the 7th to take the win 15-14. On Marrero's Mike Lamboy went 6 for 7, Rick Arleo went 6 for 8 and Gary Vansickle went 5 for 7 on the day. Pinch-A-Penny's stand-outs were James Pridgen for his excellent fielding as well as going 5 for 7, Cecil Vasquez going 6 for 8 and Angel Santiago also going 5 for 7 for the day.

After being demolished by VFW in the first game 19-4, Allstate bounced back to take the second game 12-6. Top hitters for Allstate were, Bob Giguere going 8 for 8, while Bienvenito Lopez chipped in 6 hits,with Yorsy Ozoria and Mike Rodriguez knocking 5 hits each.
Aurora keeps soaring scoring 2 more wins, this time over Koffee Kup. And this despite losing 2 key players to torn tendons & neck spasms with their line-up consisting of 'torn meniscus' leading off, 'torn hammy, broken finger' at clean-up, 'plantar fasciitis' batting 6th, 'degenerative hip 10th', with 'permanent knee damage' in the 5th, 7th & 11th spots (mind you, this is only physical disabilities). But yet again, enough "D" & a some key hitting kept the wins coming. 1st game, 1st inning walks helped Aurora to a 5-1 lead which they lengthened to 9-1 by the 4th. Momentum would shift as KK batted around to come within 1. But 3 runs in the 6th were enough to hold off the KKups for a 12-10 win. 2nd game also had Aurora in front, but KK caught them & went ahead 9-7 aided by 4 Widmer hits (to same spot in RF) plus hard hitting & nifty fielding of Ron R & Carlos S. But 6th & 7th 5-run innings with each of the walking wounded contributing sealed the deal in a game more competitive than the 17-9 score. Aurora's league lead may also look deceptively large, for, for sure, Aurora's soaring is in store to be no more - to be more a slumping bunch of 'sore losers' as they take more lumps & simply limp gimpily to the finish (then again they may heal up!).

Jan 25 - We will try to make up the rain out games on either Wed Mar. 1 or Wed Mar. 8., if we get enough players.​
  please let your managers know if you will be able to make it on those dates.

Jan 23 - NO GAMES TODAY, Rained out

Jan 20 - Pinch-A-Penny won 2 over the Nicks, Koffee 2 over Marrero's, Aurora won 2 over VFW & Rental World & Allstate split
Marrero's write-up Game 1 was another of Marrero's nail-biters. They were up until Koffee Kup tied it up in the 5th. At the end of 7 the score was tied at 7. Koffee Kup scored 4 in overtime, to come away with an 11-8 victory. Koffee Kup was over-stimulated (it must be all the caffine) and in game 2 they took an early lead and the jewelers just could'nt keep up. Great hitting by Larry Leikam 5 for 6 and Dave Brown 6 for 8 led them to a 15-4 win. Boch Ruiz for Marrero's had an excellent game and went 4 for 6 on the day.
Allstate - Top hitters were Bob Giguere and Juan Dorta going 5 for 7 each. Five other players had 4 hits each to contribute to the split. (if you need to know, Mike & Orlando Rod , Bienvenido Yorsy &, Carlos Alvelo 
Aurora - In the early season battle for 1st place ("the pretenders" vs. "the contenders"), 3-1-0 Aurora took on 3-0-1 VFW. In game 1 after 1 & trailing 4-0, Aurora came roaring back, never looking back to sweep both games. Very impressive given that they were missing 2 of their top players, Jose Cruz & Alan Miller (or not impressive at all given VFW was missing its 1st & 2nd round players, Tim Neale & Julio Medina). Aurora tho' played some tight "D" thru-out with solid hitting from Cruz Rosario & Lloyd Knowles. VFW's "D" a bit looser, although Joe Orr (Tim's replacement) played an excellent SS & was a standout hitter as well. So who knows? Each team may still end up contending while 5-1 Aurora may prove to be even bigger pretenders than before. 
-  -  -  -
Jan 17 - We are saddened to announce the passing of Hector Ahorrio's mother, Maria Toledo. There will be a wake at Funeraria San Juan, 2661 Simpson Rd , Kissimmee 34744, on Thursday at 5PM. If you can please stop by and offer your condolences.
-  -  -  -
Jan 16 - Don Fulkerson (Koffee Kup team) has tickets for the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC in Miami /  Thurs Mar 9 - 6:00 PM - Canada vs Dom. Republic Fri Mar 10 - 6:00 PM- Colombia vs United States  
 Sat Mar 11 - 12:00 PM - Colombia vs Canada Sat Mar 11 - 6:30 PM - United States vs Dom Republic  /  Sun Mar 12 - 12:30 PM - Dom Republic vs Colombia..
 Three tickets for each game Sec 205 - Row 1 - seats 9,19,11 Cost $ 25.00 per seat , per game.  Contact Don Fulkerson email - donfulkerson51@gmail.com At the ball park - I play for Koffee Kup
​-  -  -  -
Jan 14 - Ricky (Wawa) Finally got to go home on Friday, he will be recuperating at home for a few months. He still has to go for dialysis treatments for a period of time. Hopefully we'll see him out in the field one day soon. He thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.
​-  -  -  -
Jan 9 2017- Aurora knocked the air out of Marrero's today with a double win over the Jewelers. Game one was a nail biter as Marrero's was up 9-1 when Aurora scored 8 in the 4th to tie it up. For the next couple of innings they went back and forth, but in the end Aurora won 12-11.
  Game 2 was a tough game for the Jewelers, first the weather and then playing short-handed. Aurora out-hit the jewelers to a 17-12 win. Some of the standouts for Marrero's were Jose Soto and his two run homerun in game 1 and Felix Navarro going 7-9 for the day. The stars for Aurora were Gene Mitchell and his glove at shortstop, Lloyd Knowles who went 7-9 and Oscar Trinadad who went 6-8 on the day. 

If you would like your team's report to appear here, select someone to write it up and email it to angel_bermudez@msn.com.
Batting practice at Fortune Road Wednesday Jan. 11 and Wed. Jan. 18.
​-  -  -  -
There will be pickup games at Denn John on Fri. Jan 13 and Mon. Jan 16
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Jan. 6, 2017- Great opening day today , great weather great company and friendly competition, let's hope the rest of the season turns out as great. I Have posted some photos thanks to Photographer Cheryl Caputo, to see them click on the "PHOTOS" button above. In photobucket click on OPENER JAN 6 2017. Congratulations to all the winners (there are no losers in this league).  Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone who made this possible. There was a photographer from the Oscela Gazette taking pictures so be on the lookout for their next edition.   The Birthday Boy, Del is 90 and still going strong.

Here's a report from Rick Arleo; All the teams split except for Marrero's who tied the first game and lost the second. Here is a write-up of our game. (Marreros vs V F W ):
 The jewelers came out in full swing in game one and after 4 innings had a 9-0 lead. But, they were unable to hold on to it and with the help of too many mental errors gave up two 5 run innings. The game ended in a 12-12 tie.
 Game 2 started out very close, but VFW capitalized on more errors to take a 15-8 lead. However; the jewelers weren't going down quietly and they scored 11 runs in the 7th making it 20-15. But, VFW answered back with 6 runs of their own in the 7th to come away with a 21-20 victory.  Some outstanding hitting on both teams made for some very exciting ball. Marrero's Ted Witt batted 1000, and both Tito Hernandez & Pat Giles batted 750 on the day. The VFW big guns were, Benny Vasquez who hit 857 and both Barry Dunn & Cuba Jimenez who batted 778 on the day. 

And here's a report from Gene Mitchell. "Here's a write up of our game": 
Aurora played Rental World... after playing 2 games, we split (I'm practicing to be concise so I'll be better prepared to text & tweet)

Jan 5 - Just sent out an email with "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 2017 Winter League". For those of you with email, read your email. For those without email, though the email is about '100 tweets' long (new modern day unit of measure) let me summarize... Tomorrow is opening day. 
P.S., though I'm no longer responsible for this weblog, as long as the password isn't changed I plan to hack in from time to time (to cause mischief). G.M.

Jan 3 - As previously stated practice tomorrow will be at Fortune Field... that is weather permitting (I see early AM showers predicted). On that subject, I was told by Kissimmee Parks & Rec today that they will begin using the Rainout Hotline again & attempt to get any cancellation info out by 7:45 AM during the season. The number is 407-518-2501, ext. 6203. To me this is a case of "I'll believe it when I hear it" so we'll have to have a backup system in place. That will be Dave Brown calling in to find out field status, relaying info to Angel Bermudez, who'll send out an email (and update website) hopefully before 8AM.

Dec 31 - Was hoping to spread holiday cheer by telling you all that Wawa is now back home but I just found out he is still in the ICU (was told Rm. 264). Let's try to spread some cheer to him with some New Year's visits.

Let me ring out the old year by trying to make things clear as a bell with the changes occurring next week/year. On Mon., Jan 2 we're @ Denn John. From then till March 31 we'll be at Fortune Field (possibly with the exceptions of playing pickup or makeup games on our Mon./Fri. off days of Jan 13 & 16 and March 3 & 10. On Wed. we have batting practice & some last chance pre-season practice games. And Fri. Jan, 6 is opening day. Please arrive by 8:00 to 8:15 to ensure you have your shirt & are in place for the ceremony at 8:30. This hopefully allows us to start by 9:00. The regular season schedule should be as is, except if we find we need makeup games; then we'll look to use our "off days" (or possibly a Wed. or 2) if Board & Managers approve. For the playoffs, I'd like to change games 12 & 13 and game 14 (with a possible game 15) so they're on separate days. If you wish to contact your manager you can find his name on the TEAMS page and phone -email address on the MEMBERS page. If you wish to contact me, better do it soon as I'll be uncontactable come Jan 6. 

Managers & Umpires are asked to attend a meeting to discuss rules & procedures Tues. Jan 3, 9AM @ Catfish Place. Asst Mngrs are welcome as well. 


Dec 22- Rick's condition continues to improve, he is off the respirator, and stomach tubes have been removed. His doctor is impressed by his improvement and had him take a short walk. Rick is alert and able to speak and is looking forward to seeing every one, he is at Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, ask for Enrique Rivera at the check in desk. 

Dec 21 - 10 or so members have been to Osceola Med Ctr (rm. 258 per Mike); Rick's wife feels others should wait till he's off the respirator & more responsive. Will update. 

Dec 20 (3PM) Rick is slowly recovering, he is in and out of consciousness and still on a respirator. His kidneys are being monitored as they were not working at optimum level. When he is awake he is able to acknowledge your presence.

Dec 20 (noon) - Nothing new to report on Wawa's condition as of this morning. Al V. visited but was not able to speak with him. I'll send an email with a bit more detail.....'Social Director' Joey Ruiz & 'the hardest working man in softball' Jim Parker suggested a Christmas celebratory picnic this Fri. Hopefully this will prompt you to attend this impromptu event; just bring your favorite holiday specialty (or burgers, hot dogs, beer, chips etc.) as a Christmas gift for ho-ho holiday bash (only 2 ho's due to short notice). 
​* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ​* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dec 19 - There's a link now to the Winter League Schedule. Still exploring some possible tweaks to it so labeled it 'tentative', but it looks like we will have a 35 game regular season followed by an 8-team seeded double-elimination playoff, with the championship played either March 27 or March 31. Stay tuned.
​* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ​* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

​Dec 18 - Just received word that Rick Rivera (Wawa) had emergency quadruple bypass surgery on Friday. He is still in recovery in ICU. Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers for a successful recovery. I'll update as I get more information.
​* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

​Dec 16 - Winter League has a few knots to loosen & loose ends to tie up. Maybe you can help: 1) from what I know, Marrero's, VFW, Koffee Cup, Pinch a Penny, & Nicks 
need an asst mgr. If you can volunteer to assist a manager please contact Rick Arleo, Pete Edwards, Dave Brown, Ron Dustin, and Harry Canavesi respectively. BTW,
thanks Ron Dustin for volunteering to manage Pinch a Penny; 2) if you know of anyone who would like to umpire let me know. I have 7 good candidates now, but if we decide to go with 2 per field we'd need a few more; and 3) you might already know that Kissimmee Parks & Rec took 3 Fri.'s & 1 Mon. away from our normal schedule. We're using Jan 6 as opening day to grab 1 Friday back. We're looking at a couple of other scenarios to make up these games. But even without them we'll be able to play a 35 game regular season schedule with an 8 team seeded double elimination playoff with the last playoff game March 31 at the latest.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Dec 13 - Team selections have been completed, to see what team you're on click the "TEAMS" button above.
​* * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * ​* * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * ​* * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * ​* * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * ​* * * ​* * * * * * ​* * * 

Dec 8, 9 - Team selections will happen tomorrow at Fortune Road, as soon as we have details, they will be posted.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

​​​​Nov 27- See changed contact information below (scroll down or click on CONTACT US above). My last email included an explanation of this change and that Gene Mitchell 
will no longer be actively involved in the day to day communications or softball operations roles, but remain in consulting role only until Board term ends, end of March.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Nov 24 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! .... Don't eat too much, tomorrow is a game day. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

​Nov 15 - REMINDER: Monday Nov. 21 is the deadline for getting in registration forms in. A dozen or two names I know usually play I've yet to see paperwork for. ACT NOW!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Nov 9 - Fri. Nov. 11 is VETERANS DAY. We do not have any official festivities planned but it would really be great if everyone would bring a snack or something to munch & share and your favorite beverage and hang around for a while after the game as a show of support for all our veterans
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nov 1 - PLAYOFFS! In Field 1's semifinal Black Attack's relentless attack against Blues Brothers took on a gory quality, as the Brothers were practically buried alive in 5, beaten black & blue & needing mercy in a 13 run loss. 'Bout the same time Orange Crush led White Hot by 7 in the other semi, making a Black & Orange Halloween Final all but final. But by the end, Orange looked white as a ghost losing that lead, ending up more like Orange Smush - like smashed pumpkins the day after Halloween - as White Hot took the game in 1 extra inning. Black Attack now faced White Hot, a team they'd already lost all 3 games to, & after the 2nd already seemed doomed. Pretty scary for all present to witness 3 pitchers give up 8 straight walks & 5 runs without White's batters taking a swing. Seemed like some kind of trickery! The resulting 3 run lead remained into the 5th when White took an 8-5 game, then treated themselves to 7 more, a 15-8 lead thru 6. Black's 5-run rally put a scare into White, but in the end had to admit that each game against White this fall had been frightening; while the champs ended the season feeling like trick or treaters w/ a bag full of candy (so why, the day after, do I feel sick?). 

Oct 30 - Halloween tomorrow could bode well for an Orange & Black Final? A treat for them, but for all others - I'm sure would feel tricked by most of the Fall season. The bottom seed Crushers 'visit' #1 seed White Hot (Field 2) while the Attackers 'visit' #2 Blues Brother. Winners meet in game 2 for championship & chance for T-Shirt (hoo boy!)  
** Lookout for a "reminder" email on Winter League registration; forms will be available around 10:15 tomorrow as will I or Dave (depending on whose team loses game 1).**
​Oct 27- Team photos have been posted, thanks to Mike Caputo. To see them click on the TEAMS button above then scroll down
Oct 25 - Very exciting games to end the regular season yielding some unexpected results & setting up next Monday playoffs with Orange playing White & Black playing Blue.
(relive the excitement game details are (or will be) available by clicking on BLOG, above). 
To print the League registration form click REGISTRATION FORM, above, which brings up doc; click Print Icon (converts to PDF), then go to your own File, Print commands.
​Oct 17 - 1 regular season day left in the league & it's neck & neck for 1st, neck & neck for last, with 1 in the middle (see Oct. 17 Breaking News & Standings for whose neck is whose).
Oct 16 - Fall Leaguers: if you could, please arrive by 8:30 tomorrow to take team photos (Thanks Mike "Pops" Caputo). Green Machine doesn't play till 10:15 so might not have entire team present and may have to arrange to take photo later on (around 10 AM, 11:45 AM, or possibly after noon after their afternoon game). 
​Oct 11 - White Hot quite hot winning two & now 6-2-1. Blue now #2, 11/2 games back after winning by 1 in their 1 game. Black & Orange fighting for playoff spot. Green Machine feeling green after DH loss. Board met to discuss Winter League issues. Registration starts Nov 1. ends Nov 21, with season starting Jan 6. Details will be emailed shortly.
Oct 6 - As you may already know, the City of Kissimmee is allowing someone by the name of Matthew to take over the fields at Denn John all day Friday (don't seem fair).
​Oct 4 - Black Attack didn't lack attack winning 2 on Mon.; both "bye" teams, White Hot & Orange Crush, lose their only game while Green Machine & Blues Brothers both split.
Thursday, the board will meet @ The Catfish Place to discuss Winter League. Dave wants us there early to board up the windows in case Matthew decides to come too. Oops... we meet next Tuesday not this Thursday... sorry Dave you're on your own.
​Oct 2 - On behalf of the dozen Fall League members who participated in last week's Sept 26 thru Oct 1 "1-Pitch Tournament" we thank the other 54 members for their indulgence for interrupting the league last Monday. Hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience & hope the Monday pickup game was enjoyed (thanks Jim & Mike for setting up the games all week!). From this point on there will be games scheduled each Monday thru Oct 31 (BTW... congratulations to the Osceola Senior League members on team "Latinos" [99.7 FM], Johnny, Hector, Luis A., Jose Riv (1), Jose Soto, Efrain, Miguel, Raul, Ron Ramos, Bienvenido, Sal, Tony Q., & me, for winning the tournament against the other 7 teams all from Lake County).
​Sept 25 - Reminder: there will be a pickup game tomorrow in Denn John. The Fall League continues the following Monday & every Mon. in October. Juan Castillo played his last game before back surgery in the Wed. games that he organized against Puerto Rico. He told me rehab should be 3 to 4 months. Others told me his surgery was successful.  
Sept 20 - FYI: Wednesday's batting practice will be limited to 1 field as Field 1 will be used for the 3rd annual tournament against a visiting team from Puerto Rico (who'll play OSSL members from the Indios). Optimally only 20-25 will attend tomorrow so BP will not be overcrowded yet there'll be enough for a 2 team pickup game.
​Sept 19 - League standings have been updated. Since currently, these current standings are hard for me to stand, I won't be writing any more on the subject (though I will be 
asking the Board if we can change our team name to Lack Attack). Perhaps Angel B will want to blog about today's games as his White Hot team's white hot, unbeaten in their last 5. 
​Sept 14 - We finally have a few photos of the Labor Day opener honoring LEO VITI One of the leagues' Founding Fathers. Thanks to Cheryl Caputo. to view the pictures click on the "PHOTOS" button above, you'll be re directed to photobucket, look on the left side for LEO VITI CLASSIC and select that.
​Sept 12 - Today, playing 1 game each Orange crushed while Green was a machine. White was hot-ish winning 1 & tying 1 as the Brothers went home blue losing 1 & tying 1. Meanwhile Black was under attack (mostly from within). Orange & Green @ 2-1 with White 2-1-1 are all tied for first. Thanks Tim, Raul, & Curt for stepping in to ump.
​Sept 7 - Hey, for those of you who took pictures on Labor Day & know how to send them via internet send them to Angel @ Angel_Bermudez@msn.com so we can post them.
​Sept 6 - The Fall League started misty, ended with a deluge, while in between it was clear. The mistiness was due to a touching tribute to Leo Viti in which the Fall League was dedicated in his honor for all he's done for us. The deluge ended the day cutting short both the picnic & final game of the day. From 9 to 12 though, it was clear - clear that we have a pretty darn competitive league as each team ended the day at 1 win, 1 loss. I left with 2 pictures in my head - Leo speaking to us before the games or trying to as his emotions took over & Joey alone on the field in the batter's box yelling, "hey let's go" as torrential rain poured on him... from the sublime to the ridiculous. It was a good day!

(partial) details of final regular season games, Oct. 24

Game 1, Field 2 - Blue vs. White playing for 1st place, winner takes all. But what if no one won? After scoring 10 runs with blasts a 'plenty - 1 being Vidal's 305 ft. shot over the fence - White would squandering a 3 run lead in top of 6th by virtue of 3 errors as Blue scored 4 & took an 11-10 lead to the 6th. White came up to find time had run out & the last of the 6th would be last licks. They managed to get 1 for the tie. An umpire decision to play 1 extra '1-pitch' inning was then overturned by the league when White rightly cited the 'time limit' rule. So for the 2nd time the same teams tied. But did White make a mistake to not play to win. Perhaps. By gaining a tie White was 7-3-2, Blue 6-3-2. If Blue could beat Orange in game 2 they'd be 7-3-2 & would get 1st based on winning the season series 1 win & 2 ties.

                    1        2        3       4        5       6        7        T
Blue            3        0        4       0        0       4               11      
White          0        3        5       2        0       1        x        11

Game 1, Field 1 - Green vs. Orange
Orange came in knowing they needed this win and then a 2nd win to make the playoffs. Green would have to lose to Orange & then Black to miss the playoffs. A seesaw battle ensued: 2-2, 4-2 Orange, 4-4, 5-4 Orange, 8-5 Green, 9-8 Orange, 9-9 (a score Green would see once again later on) & finally 14-9 Orange. With the win Orange now 4-7, Green 5-6. 

                   1        2      3        4        5       6        7            T
Green         2       0      0        2        4        1        0            9 
Orange       2       0      2        1        4        5        x           14

Game 2, Field 1 - Blue vs. Orange. Did Blue even know they were fighting for 1st? I didn't! But Orange sure knew that their Game 1 win wouldn't be enough to get them to the playoffs, so continued to wage another 'fight to the finish'. Their season was helped in the 6th, when a dropped ball on an attempted force out would have ended the inning & sent them to 7th up 8-7. Instead they went on to score 5 & ended up winning 13-8.  
​Orange in playoffs; Blue out of chance for 1st.
                    1         2        3        4       5       6        7            T
Blue            3         0        1        0       0       3        1             8 
Orange       2         2        2        0       2       5        x            13

Game 2, Field 2 - Green vs. Black  With one eye on Orange's game, Black jumped off to a 9-2 win after 3 helped by tight D and loose O(offense). Black had to win to get in the playoffs unless Orange lost to Blue & scoreboard watching confirmed they better just worry about winning with every check showing Orange tied or slightly ahead. The middle of Green's lineup with Ray, Miguel, Efrain, & Hector kept hitting and after 5 the score was tied 9-9. But in the 5th & 6th Black scored a run, each time with 2 outs; in the 5th on a ground ball error & in the 6th on a line shot by Cuba. Jose Lopez played his best game with multiple hits including one to the fence, and 4 put outs on Defense. With Orange already a winner, Black into the playoffs, Green out.

 .                 1        2        3        4        5        6        7             T
Green         0        0        1        3        5        0        0             9
Black          4        0        5        0        1        1        x            11 

August 31 - So far, all week, we've weathered all the bad weather, so over all... not at all bad Played on Mon. & Wed. so maybe we’ll get lucky tomorrow despite getting Hermine's tail-end being over all of us tonight. Stay alert for an AM weather alert as to whether you should stay or you should go (now) 

There’s absolutely no chance of bad weather for opening day on Monday because that would just be WRONG (if it happens I'm going to suggest moving to a domed stadium). Had our umpire/managers meeting today so any Fall League questions now go to your manager; in other words… leave me alone (sorry, please leave me alone). 

The picnic list grew to about a dozen items on Wed. & perhaps we can get a dozen more Bring Your Own items tomorrow. If you’re not sure what’s on the list & what you should bring you can always bring a beverage, dessert, or any dish that can be wrapped up and brought home if we run into overages. A controversy is still brewing over whether the league will provide hot dogs & burgers or submarine sandwiches (since we now have refrigeration, sandwiches are back as a salmonella-free option). If the decision is to BBQ you can always bring charcoal and lighter fluid. Of course with the ground’s crew being off for opening day perhaps the most important thing anyone could bring would be a rake or better yet, a John Deere with an infield drag mat attachment (a.k.a. a ‘Denn John Deere’).
And please welcome new member Keith Arthur who, like all new players, can probably best be welcomed by sharing your quad & hamstring stretching regimen with him.

August 30 - the Fall League Schedule has been posted on line (see link above) & on bulletin board. White & Green teams please note the 12 PM starts on 09/05 & 10/17.

August 23 - Successful draft for the Fall League (well actually we won't know how successful till Oct. 31). Thank you to the volunteer managers especially last minute saviour, Jim DiGiacomo (Orange Crush), Hector Ahorrio (Mean Green Machine), Moncho Ramos (White Hot), Dave Brown (Blues Brothers), & Gene Mitchell (Black Attack.... I say "no problem" to me for thanking me). I'll send out an email with team rosters shortly & post them at Denn John. Angel, perhaps can post them on the website & I'll work with him on posting the schedule within a week. Hopefully we can start playing pre-season games by keeping Fall League teammates together for next 5 pickup games.

August 11 - And the hits keep on coming as we take another hit when it comes to the health of our members with Al Villarreal going into the hospital tomorrow to have a pacemaker inserted. Angel or I will update you after the procedure and let you know where and how to send your concerns & best wishes.

August 10 - With Fall League rosters expanding, please expand your ability to tolerate my inability to finalize a schedule (have you tried meditation). Doing this has been difficult given our 'Monday only' stance, intended to let Monday-only players finally be part of league play. And with league expansion the schedule expands so that with 5 teams (& murmurs of finding players for Team #6) we found it necessary to cut the # of games in order to avoid conflicts with other leagues in which a sizable % of our players play in. I intend to bounce all such variables off the Board, get feedback, thus allowing me to take all but one schedule variation off the board. Once there's a final schedule I'll need dates of any games you'll miss before the Aug. 23rd "draft". We also still need volunteers as managers (strong knowledge of softball & our players along with strong pain tolerance. 

August 9 - It took 4 days to reach our 52 player Fall League limit & 4 more to blow thru our new 5 team, 65 player limit - all & all a full fall softball league. I can know say we now. I can now say with 100 % confidence, I'm not confident this finalizes anything (can you say 6 teams?). With a wait list as well as 2 dates in Sept. that present scheduling issues I'd like to run all open-ended issues by the board, after which I'll send out a final email with full detail.  

QUESTION for Fall Leaguers: are there any Mondays from Labor Day to Halloween that you CANNOT play? If so, I need to know [reply to gemit2000@aol.com]. Let's all 

And let's welcome 4 welcome additions to the league: Mike Caputo & Joe Sereci (who I welcomed prematurely on July 1 before this week's cash transaction), Jose "Vidal" Torres (making dreams of an all-Jose team reality), & Mark Taminini (who registered in Dec & has yet to come, tho' believe the time has finally come come tomorrow. 


​August 8 - With regret, we pass on to you the news of the passing of Hector Ahorrio's father. Señor Ahorrio tiene un buen hijo as Hector showed incredible concern & devotion to him when he became ill. It was nice to see him at many of our games this year. Services from 5 - 9 today @ Funeraria San Juan (1/4 n.e. of new Publix on Simpson & BVL).

July 31 - Here's a recap from this week's board meeting:
1. Our 2nd annual (?) Fall League has been set for Mondays Sept 5 to Oct 24 (Sept 26 off) @ Denn John with 4 teams of 13 each on first come basis.Detailed email to follow.
2. The end of "net neutrality". Pitchers still get warned for not moving behind the net after a pitch, but 2nd call & they get replaced for an inning. Strike 3, they're out (as pitcher)
3. Call for repeal of bat restrictions was rejected. Still must be at least 70 in 2016 to use "senior bats". If younger such bats are for batting practice only (& must be announced).
4. As of Tuesday, Angel Bermudez will be responsible for communications via website and email (so what the %&*! am I still doing this right now (only kidding... told him I would.

July 30 - We found out Fri. that Luis Nieves was released from the hospital & started his recuperation. Get strong Luis!. Rico Rivera returned from NY from his brother's funeral & was greeted with much love and heartfelt sympathy by his softball brothers who were thrilled to see him back & in good spirits. Also, all our love goes out to our league's MVP (most valuable person), founder Leo Viti - a wonderful man who's been fighting a serious illness. We honor him & soon hope to do so in person as well.

July 23 - Please send out your best wishes & prayers to longtime member Luis Nieves who'll be undergoing heart surgery this Tuesday. I'm hoping he's out there pitching for my team come the Winter League. Hope his surgeon is as surgical & accurate as Luis is when he pitches (but without rubbing his hands with dirt like Luis is prone to do).
July 22 - We all like good comeback stories so I'll nominate Dave Brown for comeback player of the week. On Wed he claimed he'd played his worst game ever - no hits, 3 errors, & the coup de grace', being thrown out at 1st from rt. centerfield. But then on Fri. he makes every play at short, has a single (or 2?) & 2 TRIPLES. Too bad his team didn't win due another comeback by Gene's Machine, our team scoring 7 in the 7th to gain a 13-13-6 tie. 1 more comeback: Juan Castillo came back to visit. Good to see him!

July 13 - Welcome Tim Neale. Nice debut too, with solid 'D' (& solid 'O' ?) culminating with game-winning ground ball (??) grand slam that ended up rolling to OF fence.
July 4 - Happy Birthday to US (thanks Joey for being a man and manning the grill!)

July 2 - Here's a bunch of information that I've been too busy (and honestly too bored & too lazy) to enter here previously:
1) Speaking of busyness & being bored..some board business: Angel was sought & brought back to take on league communications & off me; I thank him for this takeover!
2) July 4 picnic: Joey's in control of the grill; all others need to be in control of all other picnic needs (too late for signing-up; you'll now just have to guess what's needed).
3) I think most know we waived the 5-run rule and then we waived the waiver. But there's a chance we may waive it again once we begin this year's Fall League.
4) Oops.. just gave away the surprise announcement that there will be a 2016 Fall League. Pretty sure it will most likely it'll be on Fri., perhaps mid-Sept to end of Oct. with,I imagine, a week off in the middle, maybe 4 with a chance of 5 teams with 12 possibly 13 players, presumably with a $15 fee, probably starting registration 08/01. Or not.
​If anyone has a new/changed email address, phone, residence, etc. pls. email me, gemit2000@aol.com, or give it to me as it's one of my projects before the Angel takeover

July 1 - Welcome to new members Guy Thompson, Dave Pearcy, & Anibal Niebla. I'd welcome Joe Sereci & Mike Caputo too, but not till they fork over the $15. 
[ below is a lost entry, the only trace of any of my archived works from 2015 & '16, which Angel purged & which, IMO, is akin to fascist book-burning. We live in dangerous times my friends]
Juan" (with Johnny & John Luciano) & they got 6; however add Joey to the 'Jose's' you got a 10 man team (Fall League idea - 'name' teams instead of 'color' teams). 


May 21, 2018  No softball again, fields are too wet and more rain expected today.

May 18, 2018  No softball today fields are still flooded, find something else to do.

May 16, 2018   No Softball today, fields are under water.

May 14 2018   No games today, rained out.  Rain is predicted for the rest of the week so stay tuned . 

April 5 2018 - Good news , Juan Castillo has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home .

March 28 2018 -  Now back to the sad news, Our longtime member Juan Castillo suffered a stroke while playing softball yesterday and was rushed to Celebration Hospital, I am being told that he is now out of Intensive Care and in room 210 in Celebration Hospital ,Kissimmee. If possible drop in and say hi I'm sure it will cheer him up.

​Kissimmee Parks & Rec have notified us that there will be only 1 field available on Friday March 31. This means we'll max out at 39 players (3 teams w/13)

March 9 - Congratulations to the most consistently good team down the stretch, 2018 champs Koffee Kup. Credit to Aurora Air who came through in game 2 winning 9-6 & forcing a game 3 (credit to Aurora too for getting thru Rounds 1 & 2). But in the sudden death game Aurora's play was rather deadly while Koffee Kup cruz'ed to an easy 16-5 victory. The game was tight, however, for 3 innings. Aurora actually tied the game 6-6 in the 3rd. So how come they ended up with 5 runs? A batter with a courtesy runner decided to race him & the tying run was sent back to 3rd. And that was about it. Koffee Kup continued to hit, Aurora stopped, & in the end the better team won. Solid defense & timely hitting were the keys to their strong finish not just in this game but the season (another key might have been drafting a player who tends to get upset & quit, thus avoiding the dreaded 13 player sit inning schedule)
And perhaps breezing thru their playoff run, winning 5 of 6, would have been less breezy if they'd faced Pinch a Penny, Allstate, or Rental World. But forget the ifs and & buts, Koffee Kup kicked the necessary butts to win it all. And as Mr. Koffee Kup, Frank Woodsby has likely has heard quite often, "Well done"!

March 7- Aurora beats VFW in the deciding Division Championship game 13-2 to move to the League Championship.  Would have been more of a game if VFW could have located their mysteriously missing #1 player who I'm guessing had both his car & phone die around the same time (game time!). Then just as Aurora started feeling they belonged there they ran into  Koffee Kup who outplayed them in every respect to win game one 11-5. Too many errors, too few clutch hits & poor base running is not going to get it done against KK who are playing their best ball of the season with solid D, good pitching and just enough hitting. Can Aurora surprise everyone including themselves again come game 2 (9 am Fri)  to avoid a series sweep? If we've learned anything... anything is possible in these 2018 playoffs. But right now that smooth Kup of Koffee seems really strong having won 4 straight playoff games.

March 5 - Koffee Kups are the kings of the Soto division beating the darkest of dark horses, Marrero's, 14-2 & 15-5. They now await the winner of the 
Hanratty division, VFW or Aurora, each winning a game each, each by 12-9. Close games! Seems like only yesterday when Luis A. & I were comparing the relative lameness of each team while playing a game I named the 'Bottom of the Barrel' bowl. Now one of us is 1 win away from League Championship.

March 3 - What are the odds? Both #1's all done! There's one #2 all thru! Each #4 goes forth & for a #3 it's yipee! Interested to know if anyone boxed VFW, Marrero's, Auroa, & Koffee Kup in the Superfecta? Guess there was some pari-mutuel parity lurking after all. Marrero's limped to a 9-5 victory over Pinch a Penny in the day's 1st surprise with VFW taking Allstate 6-5 in extras w/Lary "1 R" Williams striking out the side in the 8th. Aurora then continued this March Madness beating Rental World 12-9 after being swept by the same team 2 days before. Aurora played slightly better, RW slightly struggled a bit more both physically (heal up Joe!) & defensively, enough for them to become the 3rd Cinderella in their 12-9 victory. Koffee Kup, the only favorite to move on, nicked up Nick's 9-2. So Koffee Kup now faces Marrero's on Monday 9AM to start the best 2 out of 3 divisional championships while Aurora takes on VFW. Come Wed will we be seeing both 4 seeds in a Marrero's, VFW championship? May be worth a bet.

March 1 - Regular season ended with mostly meaningless yet mostly hard fought games. The irregular season starts tomorrow with a one-and-done format that allows the bottom tier teams to steal one and make the 35 previous games meaningless. Any talk of league parity has long been extinguished with superior play of Allstate & Rental World along with the early dominance of Pinch a Penny & the streaky & sneaky Koffee Kup. But if the division is not divisions but  between teams in the top half & bottom half you did have parity. Top 4 teams had 24, 23, 23, & 21 wins while bottom 4 had 14, 12, 12 & 11. 
Yesterday Allstate, with a magic # of 1, almost saw Rental World magically end up in 1st till they scored 4 in game 2 to split with Pinch a Penny w/ a 5-1 win for the pennant.  It looked to be over in game 1 being up 8-2, but the Pennies scored 9 in 6th& 7th for 11-8 victory. Meanwhile Rental World came back with 3 in the 7th (Kike' still needs to thank me) after Aurora's 3 in top half had given them a 12-10 lead. In 2nd Aurora again scored 3 in the 7th but fell short 13-11. The 2 teams will play one more at 10:15 tomorrow in the playoffs. Similarly Nick's, whose late season tailspin almost had them falling to last, lost 2 more to Koffee Kup & play them again at 10:15 tomorrow. KK easily won 1st 11-2 & w/ score 10-10 after 6 scored 9 to win 19-16. Both VFW & Marrero's in a battle of cellar dwellers slugged out some of their frustrations w/ a VFW 15-12 win in 1st & Marrero's, in season's finale, scoring a season high 26, 26-14.

Final Schedule for 2018
The full Newsday article/obituary (you need a password to read it) By Deon J. Hamptondeon.hampton@newsday.com @deonjhampton Updated January 3, 2018 12:51 PM

Andre Bermudez, a Suffolk County employee in the department of economic development and planning and an avid musician, has died.
He was 40. “He is the best father and most amazing husband. We laughed a lot. He loved to play with his children, and his friends and family always came first,” said his wife, Danielle Bermudez, of Selden. “He would do anything for us, and would move heaven and earth to see us happy.”

In his county role, he was involved in revamping, renovating and reselling zombie houses, his family said.
“I am deeply saddened by the passing of Andre Bermudez, a rising star who was instrumental in the revitalization and economic development of communities across Suffolk County,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said in a statement. “Andre was the utmost professional, someone who believed in the mission of the Suffolk County Landbank Corporation and, most of all, understood the importance of helping others in need.”

Bermudez died Friday at his home in Selden. The cause of death was not immediately known, his family said.
Bermudez graduated from Commack High School in 1995, and from the State University New York at Purchase, majoring in music composition and performance.
He later received his master’s degree in business from State University New York-Empire State College.

Many people didn’t know that Bermudez was very handy and preferred to fix something rather than buy new, his family said.
“He built me a farmer’s table by hand, because he wanted simply to make me happy,” Danielle Bermudez said.
Her husband, who had been part of the Long Island music scene since his teens, was an avid musician who often played guitar, she said.
Bands he played in included Space Robot Scientists, Freaks from the Apocalypse, and Yes Sensei, his family said. His love of music brought him and Danielle together, she said.
“I was working in a coffee shop and his band played there. It was pretty much instantaneous love,” she said. They were married for 10 years.
Those who knew him said he also loved the outdoors, camping and hiking.
In addition to his wife, Bermudez is survived by two daughters, Isabel and Olive; and his parents, Angel and Cynthia Bermudez of St. Cloud, Florida.
Services for Bermudez will be Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m., and from 7 to 9 p.m. at Moloney Funeral Home in Ronkonkoma, 
Pinch a Penny 16-3 & 20-14 vs. Nick's        
Koffee Kup 13-3; Marrero's 7-4                    
Rental World 18-17; Allstate 15-13 (?)         
VFW 16-5; Aurora Air 5-4                              
All Games Played at Fortune Road Softball Complex
VFW 10-8 & 15-10 vs. Pinch a Penny           
Allstate 10-7; Marrero's 8-7                          
Nicks 22-8 & 12-9 vs. Aurora Air                 
Koffee Kup 14-13; Rental World 12-11        
VFW 15-8; Allstate 15-10                               Aurora 21-20; Koffee Kup 12-7                    
Nick's 15-14; Rental World 18-17                 Pinch a Penny 4-1, 12-8 vs. Marrero's       
Allstate 18-12, 16-15 vs. Aurora Air            
Nick's 14-13 (8 innings); Marrero's 17-9         
Rental World 11-10, 17-14 vs. VFW              
PinchaPenny 17-9,18-3 (in 6) vs Koffee Kup
Nick's over VFW, 6-5 & 12-5                        
Rental World 18-17, Marrero's 8-6              
Allstate 11-10; Koffee Kup 4-3                    
Pinch a Penny 13-10, Aurora 8-6                
Allstate 11-7, Pinch a Penny 12-0               
Koffee Kup over Nick's 15-7, 21-17            
Rental World 10-6; Aurora 21-12                 VFW 24-17; Marrero's 15-12                        
Games Canceled.
To be replayed
February 26th.
Pinch a Penny 13-4, 19-4 (5 innings) vs Nick's 
Koffee Kup 15-13, 16-10 vs. Marrero's           
Rental World 21-6,15-3 (5 innings) vs Allstate  
Aurora Air 11-10 (9 innings); VFW 14-12            
Make-up games from 
Jan 5
Make-up games from 
Jan 3
Make-up games from 
Jan 29

Games Canceled
to be replayed
on either Feb 16
or Feb 19 and 
Feb 28
Games canceled due to wet grounds
Pinch a Penny 14-5, 18-9 vs. VFW                  
Allstate 20-17; Marreros (forfeit, 4 innings) 15-4 
Aurora 12-10, 14-13 vs. Pittsburgh Nick's      
Koffee Kup 18-15, 13-11 vs. Rental World      
VFW 5-3; Allstate 15-2                                     
Koffee Kup 10-9 (8 innings), 7-1 vs. Aurora  
Rental World 11-10; Nick's 11-9                       
PinchaPenny 17-2 (in 6), 20-1 (in 5) vs Marreros
Allstate 9-2, 17-2 vs Aurora Air                        
Pittsburgh Nick's 9-1, 12-2 vs. Marrero's        
Rental World 13-11; VFW 24-14                        
Pinch a Penny 15-12,12-3 vs. Koffee Kup       
Pittsburgh Nick's 18-13, 12-5 vs. VFW            
Rental World 14-3, 18-3 vs. Marrero's             
Allstate 11-4, 9-2 vs. Koffee Kup                       Pinch a Penny 15-8, 8-7 vs. Aurora                 
Aurora 11-6 over Marrero's                                
Pittsburgh Nick's 13-7 over Pinch a Penny      
Koffee Kup 12-11 over Allstate in 9 innings            
Rental World 14-13 over VFW                            
Koffee Kup 11-6 over Aurora's                          
Allstate 4-3 over Pinch a Penny                        
Marrero's 16-0 over VFW in 6 innings                        
Rental World 15-3 over Pittsburgh Nick's        
FRIDAY, 03/02, 9:00AM
#4, Hanratty Division 6
#1, Hanratty Division 5
Field 4
FRIDAY, 03/02, 9:00AM
#4, C Soto Division 9
#1, C. Soto Division 5
Field 2
FRIDAY, 03/02, 10:30AM
#3, Hanratty Dvision 12
#2, Hanratty Division 9
Field 4
FRIDAY, 03/02, 10:30AM
#3, C. Soto Division 2
#2, C. Soto Division 9
Field 2
MONDAY, 03/05, 9:00AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, Hanratty Division (Game 1)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, Hanratty Division (Game 1)
Field 4
MONDAY, 03/05, 9:00AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, C. Soto Division (Game 1)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, C. Soto Division (Game 1)
Field 2
MONDAY, 03/05, 10:30AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, Hanratty Division (Game 2)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, Hanratty Division (Game 2)
Field 4
MONDAY, 03/05, 10:30AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, C. Soto Division (Game 2)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, C. Soto Division (Game 2)
Field 2
WEDNESDAY, 03/07, 9:00AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, Hanratty Division (Game 3, if needed)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, Hanratty Division (Game 3, if needed)
Field 4
WEDNESDAY, 03/07, 9:00AM
Winner of #2 vs. #3, C. Soto Division (Game 3, if needed)
Winner of #1 vs. #4, C. Soto Division (Game 3, if needed)
Field 2
WEDNESDAY, 03/07, 10:30AM
Winner, Hanratty Div Game 1
Winner, C. Soto Div Game 1
Field 2
FRIDAY, 03/09, 9:00AM
Winner, Hanratty Div Game 2
Winner, C. Soto Div Game 2
Field 2
FRIDAY, 03/09, 10:30AM
Winner, Hanratty Div. (Game 3, if needed)
Winner, C. Soto Div. (Game 3 if needed)
Field 2

Koffee Kup 9-3 over Marrero's                         
Pinch a Penny 19-16 over Rental World          
VFW 14-3 over Pittsburgh Nick's                     
Allstate 8-6 over Aurora                                   
Rental World 22-6 over Marrero's (6 innings)     
Allstate 10-7 over VFW                                     
Aurora 15-9 over Pinch a Penny                      
Koffee Kup 10-3 over Nick's                             
Home team & field assignments may vary being based on best regular season record.
Dates also may vary being dependent on whether a series goes 2 games or 3 games
Pinch a Penny 4-3; Rental World 10-9             
Koffee Kup 16-7, 14-5 over VFW                      
Aurora 17-10, 15-7 over Marrero's                   
Allstate 25-12, 19-13 over Pittsburgh Nick's  
Allstate 11 Marrero's 5                                       
Rental World 18, Koffee Kup 17                        
Pinch a Penny 8, VFW 3                                     
Aurora 13 Nick's 8                                              
Marrero's 7 Pinch a Penny 6                             
Rental World 14 Aurora 13                                
VFW 15 Koffee Kup 5                                         
Allstate 11 Nick's 5                                             
Marrero's 10 Nick's 3                                          
Aurora 6, VFW 5                                                  
Pinch a Penny 21 Koffee Kup 10                       
Allstate 11 Rental World 5                                  
Marrero's 9-8 (in 8 innings); Aurora 10-9          
Allstate 12-3, 16-8 vs. Pittsburgh Nick's           
RentalWorld 17-2 in 5, 21-5 in 5 vs PinchaPenny
Koffee Kup 14-13; VFW 14-10                            
Pinch a Penny 11-8; Allstate 5-1                        
Koffee Kup 11-2, 19-13 over Nick's                    
Rental World 13-12, 13-11 over Aurora             
VFW 15-12; Marrero's 26-14                               
​Marrero's 9
Pinch a Penny 5
Aurora 12
Rental World 9
Allstate 5 (in 8)
Koffee Kup 9
Pittsburgh Nick's 2
Game 1, VFW 12-9
Game 2, Aurora 12-9
​Koffee Kup wins
both 14-2 & 15-5
​ Aurora
 Koffee Kup
  Koffee Kup
Game 3 Aurora 13-2
Game 1 Koffee Kup 11-5
Game 2 Aurora Air 9-6
Game 3 Koffee Kup 16-5
Koffee Kup