About Us

The Osceola Senior Softball League was founded about 20 years ago in St. Cloud Florida. Our founder Leo Viti is no longer as active with the organization as he would like to be but he still drops by occasionally to say hi to everyone and cheer us on.

The Osceola Senior Softball League is devoted to providing an outlet for our active seniors to stay in shape both physically and mentally by playing a game they love. By participating in our league we get to meet other same minded individuals which often develop into strong and long lasting friendships.

        The league meets Monday and Friday at 8:30 AM from March to December at Denn John Ball Fields behind the  Makinson Aquatic Center
 for pickup games.

 In November our members are split up into regular teams for our tournament season which runs from January through April. Members are evenly divided into teams according to their abilities so that no team has an unfair advantage.

During our Tournament season ( January - April ) we play our games at Fortune Road Softball Complex in Kissimmee.

We also meet on Wednesdays at 8:30 AM for batting and fielding practice at Denn John.

All Players 55 years of age and over are welcome to join us  regardless of your skill level or place of residence.   Our aim is to promote a healthier lifestyle for our young seniors through the exercise of playing softball and through the camaraderie of social interaction.

Osceola Senior Softball is a non profit corporation registered with the Federal Government and the State of Florida.


VFW  Post 3227

 St. Cloud , Fl
Our Sponsors
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For additional Information contact :  JULIO MEDINA  407-957-6118        DEAN DROZ   407-957-2423  
                              ANGEL BERMUDEZ  407-944-0967

              Email   osc55sb@gmail.com  

​March 9, 2015

  We have some members who are willing to step up and continue to guide this league to a to a bigger brighter future. 
Rick Arleo and Al Ciallela have agreed to stay on as board members (if elected), also Dave Brown, Gene Mitchell, Felix Navarro, 
Mike Rodriguez and Joey Ruiz have agreed to run for board membership. Members are elected to a 2 year term, one member will serve as
 the President, one as the Treasurer and one as Recording Secretary.

Elections will be held on Friday March 13. Please participate and vote for the five members who will be our new leaders.  

​March 1, 2015
  Despite many injuries and player shortages it is still impressive how hard all teams are playing and refusing to
go down without a fight making for some very competitive games. We are nearing the end of our regular season with 
a very tight race for first place best of luck to all teams. 

Picture day on Monday, look your best.  
​ After five years of service Julio Medina, Dean Droz and Angel Bermudez will be stepping down from the committee
at the end of this season. If this league is to survive and prosper, we need volunteers to step up and take over the leadership
so that Osceola Senior Softball can continue to be the great organization we have helped to create.

If you are interested in volunteering please submit your name so that we can have an election on March 16 while everyone is still here.

Feb 16 2015
  After leading the pack all season Rental World finally stumbled losing 2 games to VFW and moving into second place behind Koffee Kup.
It appears that there will be some pretty stiff competition between Rental World, Koffee Kup and VFW for that top spot but Family Physicians
 seems to be waking so never underestimate any team.
  It was good to see Dean up and around again, he seems to be on the road to being his jolly old self again.

Feb 10, 2015
  On Monday Marc Clery, photographer for the Osceola News-Gazette stopped by Fortune Road and snapped some pictures 
at the game between Rental World and Koffee Kup. They can be seen on the Osceola News-Gazette Facebook Page, and in the
Saturday Feb 14th edition.

J​an 17, 2015
  The new season is off to a good start with no rainouts so far. The teams are starting to work as a unit and improving every week for what appears to be a 
very competitive season. Good luck to all and stay safe. 

We'd like to welcome all our snowbirds and hope that you all have a good time while you're here and spread the word about our league.

Benny Vasquez is doing better he underwent some surgery last week and is finally getting over the effects, hopefully he will start playing again in a few weeks ,
in the meantime he will try to show up and cheer his team on.

Jan 5, 2015, 
We did it again, great first day. Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this possible, Thanks to VFW Post 3227 St. Cloud for providing the color guard and thanks to everyone who came out to make this a special day in our lives.

Standings and schedule will be available by clicking on button above.

Happy Birthday Del, Keep up the great work. 

Some opening day photos are available,click on
"Photos" above. Look under Albums for 
"Opening Day "Jan 5 2015. 

We'd like to send out our prayers and best wishes to Benny Vasquez
 who sustained an injury over the weekend while playing softball with 
the Florida Half Century League. Get well soon Benny and we're here if you need us. 

Nov. 20, 2014

  Team selections were made today, click on the " TEAMS " button above, also the schedule has been posted, click on the 

" SCHEDULE" button above. 

  Every attempt was made at keeping the team selection as fair as possible, those attending to witness the proceedings were; 

Julio Medina, Angel Bermudez, Rick Arleo, Gabe Robinson, Al Cialella, Frank Woodsby, Angel Carrasquillo, Jose Soto, Benny Vasquez, Johnny Ojeda, Anthony Quinones, Bruce Katz.

  Best of luck to all the teams and remember we're all here to have a good time, its not whether you win or lose but how you play the game , good sportsmanship, friendliness and honesty​ count for more than anything else.

​November 1, 2014


​Registrations are now being accepted for our 2015 league tournament .

The season runs from January 5, 2015 through March 16, 2015 and consists of 2 games every Monday and 2 games every Friday, 

that will be a total of 42 games (weather permitting).

Games times are at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM.

We request that you sign up only if you are willing and able to commit for the entire season.

The cost for this season will be $65.00. We will have eight (13 man) teams, so registration will be limited to the first 104 applicants.

You can register and pay at Denn John Park during our regular games or if you are not a local you can send your check to;

Osceola Senior Softball

c/o Rick Arleo

2338 Kings Crest Rd.

Kissimmee, Fl 34744 




  We would like to welcome new members Robert Wood and Tom Galligan.

 The league committee will be meeting with Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Department this coming Thursday to finalize the details for our season which will start in January. We will discuss scheduling and fees and any other issues needed to maintain the great relationship we enjoy with Kissimmee Parks and Recreation. We'll keep you posted on the outcome of the meeting. 

 We are looking forward to having 8 teams this upcoming season and we'll be playing the same number of games as last year(42). 

  Summer pickup games have been going very well, even with so many people going away on vacation we still get 3 or 4 teams per session and we've only had one rainout so far this summer. If you're sitting around wondering what to do, come out and join us.

For anyone who has seen our ad in the Gazette, during the summer we play at Denn John Park, not Fortune Road. 


  Things were a little iffy on Monday we didn't think we would be able to play because of the torrential rains the night before plus a lot of guys didn't show up.

When we got to the park, field 2 had pretty big puddles but field 1 only had a little mud by first base so, we had a field and enough guys showed up for 2 teams, so we had a game. Hope things are better on Friday.

  Dick Stenger is no longer in St. Cloud, he has gone back home to Minnesota. We hope that his days can be as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

​May 17, 2014

  Thanks to all of you who participated in our Memorial Day activities. The idea of playing two 5 inning games worked out pretty good and may that's something we should consider doing more of in the future. I hope everyone had a good time at the picnic despite the fact that we had some miscommunication as to who was bringing what causing some shortages, hopefully we'll do a better job next time.

Dick Stenger has been released from the hospital and is under hospice care at his home in the Sugar Mill Community On Chapel Road in St. Cloud
  One of our members, Dick Stenger has been hospitalized for a few days now

 and he probably wouldn't mind a visit from some of his old teammates.

 Dick is at ;

 St. Cloud Regional Medical Center  

2906 17th St. St Cloud 407-892-2135

May 15, 2014

The Osceola Senior Softball committee met today at The Catfish House in St Cloud, Thanks to Dave brown for providing the facility.

Those in attendance were Julio Medina, Angel Bermudez, Rick Arleo, Dave Brown, Gabe Robinson, Bob Hanratty, Tom Vermilion, Hector Ahorrio, Eddie Rozo, Al Cialella, Pete Edwards.

These members have shown an appreciation of what we stand for and have stepped up to do what they can to ensure the continuity and betterment of our organization and as such have agreed to take on the following tasks;

Hector Ahorrio, Sponsorship Coordinator, Hector will be on the lookout for and follow-up on any leads for prospective league sponsors.

Gabe Robinson, Membership Coordinator, Gabe will sign up new members and register members for the upcoming January tournament.  

Al Cialella, Rules Committee, Al will review our existing rules and suggest changes where necessary according to our needs and player's suggestions.

Al will also oversee Umpire selection and evaluation. 

Pete Edwards, Uniform Vendor Selection, Pete will seek out several uniform vendors, get competing bids and select who will supply the uniforms for next season.

Tom Vermillion, Equipment Manager, Tom will be responsible for making our equipment available for games and practice and having it secured afterwards.

Eddie Rozo, Activities Coordinator, Eddie will assist in preparing for upcoming barbecues in the park or any other extra curricular activity that we may be involved in.

Bob Hanratty, Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator, Bob will seek out activities where we as a group can volunteer and in some way give back to the neighborhood. This not only gives us a chance to do some good but also may have the possibility of attracting some favorable publicity for us and possibly attracting more members and sponsors.

If you have any remarks, suggestions or any issues with a particular subject, please address them to the individuals assigned to that topic.

May 10, 2014

  The committee meeting has been scheduled for May 15th at 9:00 AM at The Catfish Place in St. Cloud, ( H'way 192 between California and Alabama). Anyone wishing to participate in helping out in any way and contributing to the improvement and continuity of this organization should plan to attend.

May 4th 2014

  Members of the committee met recently with officials of the Kissimmee Department of Parks and Recreation and they were very cooperative and receptive of our proposal to begin our next tournament in January 2015 instead of November 2014. Some details still have to be worked out but it seems like a go for January. Our goal this year is to have a total of 8 teams thus avoiding any "buys".

  So far it seems as if we may have enough team sponsors but always be on the lookout for any prospective league or team sponsors in case one drops out. Remember if you bring in a sponsor your entry fee is covered. 

  Wednesday Batting Practice is for batting practice, anyone arriving late (9:15) will not be allowed to bat, participants should get at least 2 rounds at bat. For Safety's sake, The first 15 members will be on field 2 , all others should go to field 1 . 

​May 4th 2014

  Members of the committee met recently with officials of the Kissimmee Department of Parks and Recreation and they were very cooperative and receptive of our proposal to begin our next tournament in January 2015 instead of November 2014. Some details still have to be worked out but it seems like a go for January. Our goal this year is to have a total of 8 teams thus avoiding any "buys".

  So far it seems as if we may have enough team sponsors but always be on the lookout for any prospective league or team sponsors in case one drops out. Remember if you bring in a sponsor your entry fee is covered. 

  Our next committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 15, we need your help if this league is going to survive , we need new committee members to handle certain duties, if you're interested please plan to attend. The location of the meeting has not yet been finalized but an announcement will be made when it is. 

Wednesday Batting Practice is for batting practice, anyone arriving late (9:15) will not be allowed to bat, participants should get at least 2 rounds at bat. For Safety's sake, The first 15 members will be on field 2 , all others should go to field 1 . 

April 20, 2014

  Back to normal schedule starting Monday April 21.

April 4, 2014

  Our by laws call for an election of officers every two years, presently we are overdue. Our current officers Julio Medina, Rick Arleo, Dean Droz and Angel Bermudez would like to see some new candidates step in and run the show for a while. Board members are generously compensated with lots of work and rewarded with everyone's complaints. If you have what it takes, sign up and run for office.

  If you have any questions please see one of the board members.

  We had spoken of possibly starting next season's tournament in January but as of this time no decision has been made, we will notify you if any changes are made

April 10,2014

  UPDATE : We just got permission to use one field at Fortune Road on Friday April 11. The field is set up for a girls tournament with 200' fence around the outfield, Sooo we can play a WOODEN BAT ONLY game , over the 200' line is a Home Run. It should be a lot of fun, bring your wooden softball bat if you have one. 

April 4, 2014

  Our by laws call for an election of officers every two years, presently we are overdue. Our current officers Julio Medina, Rick Arleo, Dean Droz and Angel Bermudez would like to see some new candidates step in and run the show for a while. Board members are generously compensated with lots of work and rewarded with everyone's complaints. If you have what it takes, sign up and run for office.

  If you have any questions please see one of the board members.

  We had spoken of possibly starting next season's tournament in January but as of this time no decision has been made, we will notify you if any changes are made. 

  Remember, any game after our practice session on Wednesdays is not part of Osceola Senior Softball's program.  

  Anyone wishing to participate does so at their own discretion and risk, rules may be different, some players are younger, 

  and the bats used may be "hotter" than those allowed in our league.

March 14, 2014
Sunshine blue skies cool weather and a gentle breeze, another picture perfect day for playing softball.

Once again we only had three teams but as always we had great time with a great game and great company. 

Don't sit at home doing nothing, come out and join us.

Gene Mitchell has volunteered to select the teams on Monday so he can give me a break, I'm sure he'll do an outstanding job.
​March 19, 2014

  Our Mondays and Fridays pickup games have been working out pretty good and even the rain has held off in the mornings allowing us to get our games in. Wednesday's practice session was too successful, we had a big crowd but unfortunately we only had one field available to due to the other field being reserved. 

After practice there was a really good three team game with some younger players and some of our members. 

March 9, 2014

  We had a great turnout on Friday unfortunately we only has one field available due to the heavy rains the previous night, but thanks to everyone's patience we managed to get a game in. The weather was absolutely perfect and every one was in a good mood, I don't think I saw Felix interrupt the game even once. We had a newcomer named Michael Brown out there playing and though his performance wasn't exactly stellar, he was a good sport and enjoyed himself, If you see him, introduce yourself and help him out.  March 14 2014

Don't forget to re set your clocks so you can be there on time on Monday. 

  If you are interested in getting a team picture, see Julio.

Mar. 2, 2014

  Thanks to all who attended the banquet last night and made it the great relaxing and fun time that it was, you can view the photos by clicking on the "Photos" button above.

  Many thanks to the St. Cloud VFW for the use of their facilities and excellent service, and to Frank and the Koffee Kup crew we are grateful as always for that wonderful meal served in such an efficient and friendly manner.

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  Larry Widmer had surgery on his spine last Tuesday (February, 18th) and has been in rehabilitation since, he had a few problems with the surgery, but he is doing much better. He wanted all of his team-mates to know where he is, if they would like to visit. He is at: Consulate Health Care of Kissimmee, 2511 North John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, the phone number is; 407-931-3336 and he is in room 606. Visitors are welcome and he would love some company. Thanks to all of you.

February 24, 2014

  This has been one of the best tournament seasons we have ever had and our thanks go out to all our Sponsors for their support, and to The Kissimmee Department of Parks and Recreation for all their cooperation in accommodating our schedule 

and all the fine work that was done on the fields. 

  Thanks to all of you who participated, and finally thanks to the committee who worked behind the scenes to put all this together

  rarely hearing a word of thanks put putting up with all the BS.

We are now continuing our pickup games on Monday and Friday Mornings, please get there early.


January 27,2014
          It seemed as if we were going to have our first rainout of the season this morning but we hung in there and waited it out and it payed off. The clouds cleared, the sun came out and a bunch of happy old guys were playing softball once again. 

Jan. 24, 2014
 On a chilly breezy Friday morning the softball gods finally shone down on Rental World and we finally managed to win a game , two actually. As they say win or lose, its how you play the game that counts but dang it feels nice to win.

January 18, 2014
Please have a little patience as I am experiencing some technical difficulties with the website software and cannot upload any pictures at this time and I don't have the time right now to deal with it.

    It was a pleasant surprise to see Leo Viti out at the park on Friday, I'm glad he was able to get out there even  if only for a short while. For those of you who don't know Leo, he was one of the founders of this league.

   Family Physicians is solidly in first place but Pain Treatment is coming on strong. The softball gods have not been very kind to Rental World, every time victory is within reach they snatch it away ( or do we throw it away ?) anyhow a good time is had by all.

Jan. 10,2014
     What started out as an ugly, cloudy day turned into a beautiful sunny Florida day finally putting an end to that cold spell we had. 
      The day also turned out to be 2-Fer Friday with Koffee Kup, Kohlmeyer and Family Physicians winning two games each and Pain Treatment, VFW, and Allstate losing 2 games. 

     Meanwhile Rental World had the day off, just minding their own business and they still fell an additional game behind.

Dec, 30, 2013
      Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy and Healthy New year to you and your families.
 To all of those traveling have a safe trip and get back on time for the next game on 
January 6th 2014. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --  - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -    

     Our  heartfelt sympathies go out to Rick Richmond on the loss of his wife Jackie.
 Rick has been a "snowbird" playing in our league for a number of years now. 
Our prayers go out to him at this time.    
obituary http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/kalamazoo/obituary.aspx?n=jacqulyn-d-chambers&pid=168851738&fhid=13189

- - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks to Santa for showing up on Friday, I asked him to let Rental World win at least one game.  He let me down, we lost two. 

Best of luck to Pete Ortiz with his new car .  Talking about cars, Jose Valecillo washed his truck for the first time in 8 years and it looks pretty good. 

We have one more week to go before the Christmas vacation, and it looks like we need it with all the cripples hobbling around, hopefully everyone will heal for the New Year.

     I think I got the standings right this time.   

Dec 11, 2013
Thank you Dan for the Sloppy Joes and refreshments. 

Dec. 6, 2013
Well we're down to a 3 way tie now for first place. I thought for sure Rental World would walk all over underdog Koffee Kup but what a surprise KK won 2 in a row. I still think it's the  donuts Frank feeds them. Great game, great company. we'll do it again Monday.

December 2. 2013

    Wow, have you seen the standings? We now have a 4way tie for first place, Friday should prove to be a very interesting day. Make sure you show up.

Nov 16 2013
Happy Birthday  to Arturo Rodriguez and many thanks for his hospitality on Friday when he invited a bunch of us over to his house.Nov. 11, 2013

   Our tournament is off to a great start  and everyone is really into the competition, however some players are getting too emotional and having a little problem controlling their emotions.  Our umpires will not put up with misconduct, just ask Luis Abreu and Jose Soto who were ejected for two games for  arguing with the umpire.
Please play nice.

November 4, 2013  What a great day! 
        Opening Day ceremonies were a big hit with players and spectators alike, it almost seemed as if we knew what we were doing.
        Thanks to all of you for making this possible.  Special thanks go out to Steve Lackey and Jason Carroll from the Kissimmee Parks and Recreation                 Department for all their help with our scheduling and for for taking the time to make an appearance at our Opening Day and show their  support.

       Thanks to Cal Goggans for that wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, no that was not a recording that was really Cal.
       Thanks to John Diaz for speaking to the Man up above on our behalf and asking for his blessing. 
        Most of all thanks to Julio Medina and his committee members for all their hard work and dedication in putting all this together.

         Game winners were Rental World won 2 games, VFW won 2 games and Family Physicians Group won 2.  Regardless of who won or lost, in the end             we were all winners for the great for the great day we had. 

         I posted some pictures, they're not the best quality but you can still get an idea of what went on. Clock on the "Photos" button above.

Oct. 30,2013

  Due to circumstances beyond our control, opening day has been re scheduled from Friday Nov. 1 to
  Monday November 4.Be there by 8:30  to get the opening ceremony and games started on time.   (the order of games on the schedule remains the same)

   On Friday Nov 1, we will meet at Denn John to pick up our team shirts and hats and play a pickup game.

  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Oct.8, 2013
     The committee met yesterday to rate the players and go over the rules. Also attending the meeting were most of the new managers for the upcoming season, they are;

 Miguel Gonzalez, Dave Brown, Jose Soto, Pete Edwards, Mike Rodriguez, Jose Valecillo and Felix Navarro.

Many opinions were considered and reviewing of the rules so as to have as few disagreements as possible in the future. The managers will be well informed of all the rules and will review them with their team members so that we will all be "playing by the same rules".
     One main rule change will be regarding the pitcher's net, a batted ball hitting the net will count as a strike, similar to a foul ball instead of an out.

     The draft will take place on October 17th all managers are asked to attend so as to ensure that the process will be as open and fair as possible and to avoid any ill feelings after the selections are made.

Don't forget to check the schedule so you can set your priorities straight and plan your life around softball instead softball around your life.

If you have to get in touch with another player, click the "MEMBERS" button above, the list is up to date and fairly accurate. 

September 17, 2013
    We're well on our way to getting the new season started. Today we met with the parks department to sign our contract for the fields at Fortune Road.
The team shirts have been ordered, the balls have been ordered, players checks are coming in and everyone is eager to get the new season going.
Make sure you get your registration completed, don't be left out, teams will be selected in October.

The new schedule has been posted check it out (click the "SCHEDULE" button above

Attendance at our weekly games has been really good lately, we've had four teams the past few weeks despite the high summer temperatures which goes to show how much we enjoy this game.

Congradulations to Frank Woodsby and his very professional and friendly staff of Koffee Kup (a St. Cloud GREAT place for breakfast and lunch) for being honored as a "Good Neighbor of the Quarter" during the August Quarterly Luncheon of the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce.  Key note speaker was Mayor Buddy Dyer.  Frank is a member, player and team sponsor of the Osceola Senior Softball League. 

September 2, 2013
     We held our Labor Day game today and we had several guest players join us today, 9 innings were played on both fields and as usual a great time was had by all. After the game we had a little picnic with lots of food provided by our members, followed by our popular Cornhole tournament and Dominoes games.  Eddie provided a fantastic variety of music which I'm sure appealed to everyone.   
      Julio did a great job in setting everything up and for that we are very thankful, maybe next time we can get more volunteers to help with the setting up and the cleanup. Thank you to all who brought some tasty food to share with us, it made for a very successful event. 
And thank you all for coming . We have a few photos of the picnic (18 ) you can see them by clicking the "Photos" button above .

Don't forget to see Julio to register for the new season which starts in November. 

August 30, 2013

   We just played our last game of August and the turnout was very good we had 4 teams on 2 fields. Everyone had a great time and survived the 90 degree weather. 

     On Tuesday Aug. 27, The Committee met with Steve Lackey,  Assistant Director and Jason, Carroll Manager of Recreation and Leisure Services of the City of Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Department. Steve and Jason are very aware of our Senior League and have been extremely helpful in as far as  doing all they can to help us with  scheduling, obtaining sponsorships and keeping our costs at an affordable level, our thanks go out to them for all they have done for us. 

    While I'm at it I'd also like to thank the staff at Denn John Park they do an excellent job in maintaining the fields and giving us a safe and well groomed field to play our games on week after week year round. 

    Official registration for our November League begins in September, make sure you speak to Julio if you haven't already, so we can 
reserve a spot for you.

     On Monday September 2, we will have a little picnic after the game, bring your family and something to share, it should be a fun time.      

Aug. 16, 2013
       It was a little hectic getting started this morning because players showed up late and in order to accommodate them we wound up with 14 players on each team. Please come early so we can start on time.

  So far it looks like the players fee for next season will be around $65, this is because we have picked up a few more sponsors helping us keep our    fees at this level.

  Don't forget to see Julio to register for next season which starts in November.  
You snowbirds out there drop us an email and let us know when you
will be here so we can squeeze you in.

  We will definitely have 7 teams in November and who knows if maybe we'll get to 8.   

Welcome to new members Gus and Brian.

August 9, 2013
    It was good to see some faces that haven't been around for a while such as Dennys Cyr who is slowly recovering from shoulder surgery. Juan Castillo who had been away for several weeks, and Kurt Fletcher  whom we haven't most of the summer. 

     We have quite a few guys on the disabled list, I hope
they will all be healed by the start of the season.

See you Monday.

August 3, 2013

Thank you to all those who turned out for Joe Matos' funeral service, his family was very appreciative. 

As you may know by now we have voted to use the pitchers protective nets and have been using them for a couple of weeks now. So far there has been very little opposition to their use as the players become accustomed to them. The aim of course is to protect the pitcher. This is something that we would have had to do eventually anyway as it is becoming mandatory in some other parks.
(Sorry Lary)

July 15, 2013
       Surprise turnout today, we had enough players for 4 teams even with a few players on the sidelines nursing their injuries. We were quickly able to set up both fields for all four teams.  Among those whom we haven't seen in a while were Bob Guigiere and Karl Lengle. We wish Karl's wife the best possible outcome as she undergoes several tests to determine the most appropriate actions regarding certain health issues.
The committee will meet this Thursday and one of the items to be discussed will be the possibility of using the pitching screens during tournament play.
If you have any concerns please let the committee know so they can be considered.
We are once again looking for additional TEAM sponsors so keep your eyes and ears open for any possible candidates. 

July 13, 2013

        Thanks to the generous contributions from all of you, we have collected enough money to order two additional pitching screens.
   This will allow us spread our batting practice to two fields. Our Wednesday practices have become so popular that it takes a very long time to go through even one round of batting. with the additional screen on the other field we can spread the players around and get a few more swings in .

     Keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunity to get additional league sponsors, we can always use the money as costs for fields, insurance and equipment are always increasing. 

  November is right around the corner so try to get in shape or stay in shape for our new season, it should really be a good one.     

July 9, 2013

        Our condolences go out to Jose Soto whose  mother passed away recently .
     Her viewing will be on Wednesday July 10 from 5 until 9 PM, Service on Thursday July 10 at 11:00 am at;  

Porta Coeli Funeral Home & Crematory
2801 East Osceola Parkway 
Kissimmee, FL 34743

(Osceola Pkway near Boggy Creek Rd.)

PHONE: (407) 846-2804 (24 hours)

July 1, 2013

       We managed to get our game in today and even have our picnic afterwards before the skies opened up and the rain came down.
I guess the threat of thunderstorms kept our turnout low today,  but those that showed up had a good time anyway. Thanks to all who participated with food and drinks and setting up. Special thanks to Eddie for once again providing all that excellent music. Lets hope that the rain holds off again on Friday.

June 26, 2013

       July 4th falls on a Thursday this year but since we don't play on Thursdays, we're going to get a hea start and celebrate on Monday July 2nd.

After our game on Monday July 2nd we will have a little barbecue,  Games , Food , Refreshments, Music. Volunteeers have already been assigned what to bring but if you would like to bring anything, snacks drinks etc. it would be appreciated.   

We would like to welcome 2 new league sponsors, PHILLY'S PHINEST  Restaurant in Poinciana and EDWARD JONES Financial Advisors in St. Cloud.
Thank you both for your support.

June 8, 2013
      Hey guess what Larry won't be missing too many games after all. He rescheduled his appointments so he could make the games, now there's a man who has his priorities straight.

     On Friday a stranger showed up at the park and said he would like to play so I said sure , he asked if he could borrow a bat so he could swing it around for a while, I handed him mine.  He then wanted to throw a ball so I took him out on the field and we played catch for a while, a huge smile came upon his face. He said that feel of the dirt on the ball field and the grass beneath his feet was something he missed for such a long time, the man was so overjoyed that he knelt down right there on the field and thanked God for those few minutes of happiness. Unfortunately the man's knees gave him such pain that he could hardly walk and he was not able to stay around and play the game, but he left smiling.

Let's not take for granted the gifts that we have, enjoy, be thankful, be kind to one another.   

June 5, 2013

Larry Leikam Will be missing a few games in the upcoming weeks.  Larry has to undergo a series of radiation treatments for skin cancer that has appeared on his face. Let's hope he has a good outcome and a quick recovery so he can return to the ball park soon. Hang in there Larry.

They are predicting quite a bit of rain for the rest of the week so it looks like we may miss a game or two ourselves, let's hope for dry weather for Friday.

Thank you to all who have made contributions at our weekly games and to those who have found or are trying to find additional sponsors, keep up the good work.

May 28, 2013

         Thank you to all of you who participated in our Memorial Day get together. This was by far one of the best gatherings we've had in a while.
Special Thanks go out to :

Eddie for the fantastic job he did providing the non stop music for the event, the quality and variety was outstanding, keeping everyone tapping their toes.

Frank Woodsby for once again providing  tasty food and fixings from his Koffee Kup Restaurant in St. Cloud.

Bob Evans Restaurant Kissimmee, for providing those excellent sandwiches which quickly did a disappearing  act.

Julio Medina and members of the committee for all their hard work and planning to make all this possible.

    Your contributions will enable us to have more and better events in the future.

      Some Memorial Day Photos are available for viewing, click on the photos button above.

May 16, 2013


      We were all so thankful and touched by having all of the softball players honor my dad. It brought lots of tears when we saw you and heard how much you liked my dad. He loved coming to play each week and was not happy when he couldn't. When he told me that he wouldn't be able to play anymore, it was like a part of him was cut off.

        Please let all of the players know how much we appreciate them.

Rebecca Carpenter

May 8, 2013
        It is with deep regrets that we announce the passing of John Davison. 
John had been a member of our league since its beginning some 20 years ago, 
he loved the game and was a great inspiration to all the players especially the younger ones.
 He was loved by all who met him and will surely be missed. 

       Visitation will be on Sunday from 4-6 at Osceola Memorial Gardens in St. Cloud

       The service will be on Monday at 10 am at St. Cloud Presbyterian.

We have been asked to be Honorary Pallbearers at John's service on Monday,
 please try to attend.



May 4, 2013
        Message regarding John Davison;

The End of My Dad’s Journey
May 4, 2013

After eighty-eight years, my dad is close to the end of his journey in this life. He has deteriorated quickly in the last few days. Yesterday, we placed him under the care of Hospice who has him on 24 hour crisis care. They are managing his symptoms and keeping him as comfortable as possible.

On Thursday, we had a family discussion about what should be done. Mom and dad both said they didn’t want to go to the hospital anymore or be poked or jabbed since there didn’t seem to be hope of long term success. They wanted to be kept comfortable and were ready to go to heaven.

After being assured that my mom would be ok if he went first, he slept very soundly. Instead of taking him back to the hospital because of more problems from the prostate cancer, we called Hospice. 

Overnight he became much weaker with his body reacting to all that is going on. Thankfully, he is in little pain. He is conscious occasionally. 

Mother is nearby and knows he is slipping away. Though still very weak, she is better than she has been in a while. After being married for almost sixty-eight years, losing a spouse is like having a part of your body taken away. She is handling the situation well and is also tired of many years with her own health issues.

Please continue to pray for all of us.

John and Marge Davison
10039 Hart Branch Circle
Orlando, Florida 32832-5913

April 23 2013  
Note from John Davison

John Davison (madjedsc@aol.com)Add to contacts 12:13 PM 
To: osc55sb@gmail.com

Hi to all,    I had planned to write a note sooner, but after you have had several procedures, and several hospital visits it is sometimes difficult to concentrate. We are now temporally living with our son and daughter-in-law near Moss Park road and 15. We certainly appreciate their hospitality. Marjorie is feeling better and is getting stronger every day. We have care givers 24-7.

                 Thanks for your visits, cards, calls, concerns, and prayers. Softball has been a big part of my life the last 20 some years, I miss playing and the camaraderie. Having had a stroke, cardiac arrest, four hospital visits and several procedures, it feels like my life has been turned up side down. I walk every day and do some exercises. We are trying to keep a good attitude and have faith that the Lord's will, will be done. 

Hope all of you are well, happy, and are enjoying your softball while you can.                                                John Davison

April 20, 2013

    What a great turnout we had on Friday, four teams with 13 or 14 men on each. Luckily our organizing skills are getting better, we had the games going on time, the teams were more or less evenly matched the rain held off, and of course a good time was had by all.

    None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our committee members, don't forget we will have elections coming up soon so if you would like to be considered let us know.    

   Dean Droz decided not to play and instead umpired on Friday so he had to release his energy in another way, check him out on this little video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtMMbcuo8Cs&feature=youtu.be 

Mon. March 11, 2013
Looks like some guys forgot to reset their clocks, we just barely had enough to squeeze out four teams today. Those who didn't show up missed out on a gorgeous spring day and a great softball game .  Leo Viti, one of the founding fathers of our league was in the park today and managed to play a couple of innings with us before he had to rush back to take care of his lovely wife Ann whom we all know and love. 

New member Gary Brown writes;
Angel, I met Julio today and he was very nice to me.  I had a blast today and look forward to my next experience playing softball with a great bunch of guys from your league.  Everyone treated me like I belonged, and I am very grateful for that.  Thanks for everything, I hope to see you next Monday. 

March 4, 2013
We had a light turnout, just barely enough to make two teams. The cold morning must have kept all the wusses at home. It was a little chilly but the sun was shining brightly doing its best to warm our old bones and when the breeze died down it just a perfect day to play softball. You shoulda been there. 

John Davison is presently at the same nursing home as his wife while he contemplates where he will reside in the future. John's wife is now under hospice care at the nursing home, John however, is reportedly doing better and is able to get around.  As soon as I get any  information regarding visiting etc., I will let you know.

Feb, 27, 2013
John Davison is still at Dr. Phillips Hospital, he is now out of intensive care and is improving and hoping to leave the hospital soon. He thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes. The telephone number at the hospital is 407-351-8500 he is in room 3042. If you call please keep your conversation sweet and brief.

Feb 24, 2013
     Our Banquet was a great success and that was due to the efforts of all the following to whom we express a big Thank You;
The committee, especially Julio Medina, Victoria Frisenda for providing the location, Betsy Medina and her crew from Bob Evans for the food service,
Joe Matos and Cal Goggans for the entertainment, Dean Droz and Bruce Katz and their assistants for their jobs setting up and cleaning up. And to all of those who attended providing the warm friendly atmosphere which we strive to promote. Thanks also to Jeanette Llewelin for her last minute fund raising raffle which was won by Ben Pomales.  Banquet photos have posted, click on the " Photos" button above, look for the Banquet album.

     Our aim is to continue improving our organization so if anyone has any suggestions or contributions to make please let us know.
We will continue our pickup games on Monday and Friday mornings at Denn john Park.     

Jan 11, 2013
Good news, most of those on the disabled list are up and around, Joe Orr is doing fine and playing again, John Davison is up and around and was even able to show up today and cheer for his team, Diego Luquis is still recovering but he was also able to come by and say hello to everyone. George Riddick is on and off he was able to play in the Half Century league this past weekend but managed to hurt himself again thus missing our games for the third week in a row.  

Allstate scored what is unheard of in our league, a big fat against Kohlmeyer losing 2 - 0 in their first game, fortunately they were able to save face in the second game winning 18 - 16.

We are trying to get a head count for our banquet to be held on Saturday February 23rd from 6 - 10 PM at Sugarmill in St. Cloud, please let your manager know if you will be attending.

    The USSSA will have a free umpires clinic on Saturday January 19th  from 9 am - 12 , at Fortune Road athletic complex. This clinic will be for those wanting to improve their umpiring skills and those interested in becoming certified umpires.

Ron, I think I got your name right this time. 

Jan 7, 2013

The weather was a little iffy but the clouds cleared up and the sun shone through for us making the day even better than it already was. It was great to see everyone show up after our Holiday recess. Unfortunately there were a couple of absences, Joe Orr was getting some work on his heart ( stent), and John Davison was in the hospital passing a blood clot. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both of these fellow teammates whom we miss dearly.

Dec. 17, 2012
    You can't keep a good man down, John Davison was able to make it to the game today and we were all very happy to see him.
All teams played hard today and it showed because every team won one and lost  one thus retaining their position in the standings.
   Not all members will be able to make it on Friday the 21st, our last game until next year so I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the board members to wish a 
 to all our members and their families, to all our sponsors and our friends. Here's hoping that next year will be better than this one in all ways for everyone. 

Dec. 14, 2012
   After 18 games played the each team seems to be playing better and better. Kohlmeyers seems to have resolved their shortage of players problem and is clawing its way up from the bottom. Bob Evans for now seems to be solidly in first place (even without Julio).Maybe if the managers of Koffee Kup weren't cruising and casinoing all the time they might be out of the basement (just kidding).
The other teams are all chugging away giving it their best. I have seen some pretty amazing plays for a bunch of old guys, keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves, we have a lot of games left.

   John Davis' wife was being moved to a nursing home and it seems doubtful that he will be returning this season say alittle prayer for them.

Nov 30, 2012
    We missed John Davison on Friday, he was at the bedside of his wife Marjorie who is in the hospital in intensive care. John and Marjorie have been married 67 years and I'm sure this is a very difficult situation for them both and their family. Please take a minute to say a little prayer for them for the best possible outcome.  

Nov. 19, 2012
A little chilly and very cloudy but not bad enough to stop us from playing today. Kohlmyers was a little worried today that they might not have enough players and may have to forfeit but at the last minute enough players showed up. They were so energized that they went on to win two in a row against Koffee Kup. Its good to see Benny out there supporting his team even though he is still unable to play .
Sadly Joint Maneuvers will be losing Ramon for the rest of the season due to severe pain from a pinched nerve, we wish him the best for a speedy recovery. Everyone rest up and have a great Thanksgiving. Next game will be on November 30, 2012.

Nov. 12, 2012
    Today we paused to salute our veterans. (see photos ) The Reverend Jim Fox led us in prayer and Cal Goggans once again sang his wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. 
    We played our games under beautiful Autumn weather and fortunately I didn't see anyone limping out of the park so we must be in better shape or getting smarter. Have fun be safe.   

November 5, 2012
Parade, singing,ceremony.
Thanks to all the sponsors who participated, all the guests and fans. Thanks also to John Diaz for those wonderful  words of inspiration and to Cal Goggans for that fantastic rendition of the National Anthem.

October 26, 2012
     The day started out a little iffy due to the early morning showers caused by hurricane Sandy but things cleared up and the players showed up and we had two very competitive but fun games. The winds were really gusting in the outfield but luckily no one hit any over the fence. 
      A couple of trades have been made to help teams that were lacking pitchers or first basemen or shortstops. We should have the teams evened out in time for opening day which is still scheduled for November 5th. The commitee will be meeting with the parks department on Tuesday to finalize the schedule. Hopefully we will be able to have our practice on Friday November 2nd at Fortune Road fields so that our new members can get familiar with the location.      How's that for an update Larry?  

October 18, 2012
        Today the board members met to go through the team selection process for the new season scheduled to start in November. Attending the meeting as observers were Gabe Robinson, Cal Goggans, Dave Brown, Frank Woodsby Joe Matos and John Davison.
Great care was taken to select teams that were as evenly matched as possible, Managers will be given the opportunity to do a little trading if necessary. Starting Friday Karl will try to keep the teams together as he sets up our remaining games at Denn John. The next step will be to meet with the parks department and firm up our schedule and we'll be set to go for our opening daay on November 5th.

October 1, 2012
      Another beautiful day for softball in Kissimmee, unfortunately last night's rains left a number of large puddles on one of the fields making it unplayable. Once again we were faced with a big turnout, enough for four teams plus, so we played all four teams on one field, two teams played a full inning then the other two took the field.  Overall things ran smoothly except that with all the sitting time there was quite a bit of socializing and some players lost track of whose turn it was to be on the field or on the bench, and we didn't finish until almost 12PM , but we had a good time and it was better than not playing at all. 
   You may have seen some new faces around, that's due to more people finding out about us and the good times we're having here.

Some players still haven't paid their fees for the upcoming season, make sure you pay up so you won't be left out.   

September 3, 2012
        Labor Day once again, it seems that time is just flying by,  and what a great day for softball. We had a fantastic  turnout today of our members and some visitors who decided to join us.  Pete Edwards quickly organized the players into four teams and off went, fortunately both fields were available and playable.  We played two fun filled games working up a thirst and appetite preparing for our picnic which followed the game. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the occasion with food drinks and barbecuing paper goods etc. and as usual thanks to Joe for providing the music. The cornhole tournament was a big success and provided lots of laughs and entertainment, thanks to Julio for providing the game and organizing the tournament. Thanks to everyone who stayed and made the barbecue a success. 
         Don't forget, registration is now going on for our upcoming season get registered so you don't get left out.

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Osceola Senior Softball

Victoria Frisenda 
in memory of 
Al Frisenda

​March 20, 2015

Congratulations to Tournament Champions Koffee Kup  and Playoff Champions VFW

          See team pictures on "TEAMS" page

​The new committee members have met and decided on the following positions;

Dave Brown President, Rick Arleo, Treasurer, Gene Mitchell Recording Secretary,
 Mike Rodriguez Voting member, Pete Edwards Alternate Voting member.

We will be back at Denn John on Monday March 23rd.

Our banquet is scheduled for Saturday March 28th from 6 to 10 PM at the VFW hall, 915 New York Ave.St Cloud Fl 34769.
 Price of admission is included in your player fee, Dinner and refreshments will be served.
A nominal fee ($10) will be charged for your guest. Please let your team manager know if you will be attending.    


   AARP will once again provide free income tax 
   preparation for seniors from Feb. 2, to Apr 15.
   See Angel B if you have any questions.
   Click here for times and locations.                       

Ramirez and Poulos Opthalmology



Sidelines Sport Grill
4060 13th St. 
St Cloud
Arrive Early

Bring the following documents;
   Copy of last year's Income Tax
   Social security card or 1099 form received from Social Security
   SS Card for any dependent to be claimed
   All W2 forms,  1099 forms, Self employment records
   All financial Tax Documents from Banks, Pensions,
   Brokers statements, Real Estate tax receipts
   Educational expenses  
   Any other documents that may be pertinent

   If you plan to Itemize, proof of,
         Medical Expenses
         Charity contributions